Mike Pence: One on One with Newswatch 16

DUNMORE -- Before addressing a crowd of supporters inside Kenworth of Pennsylvania in Dunmore, Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence chatted with Newswatch 16 at length about a wide range of topics and issues.

Pennsylvania has voted Democrat in every election since 1992. Does Pence think it can switch this time?

“We have high hopes for the Keystone State. I think Donald Trump has the right message and the right plan to get Pennsylvania moving again," Pence said.

With so many coal workers here in our region, the Indiana governor emphasized the importance of utilizing all of the country's natural resources.

"I think people in Scranton and all across Pennsylvania should know while Hillary Clinton is committed to continuing the war on coal that Barack Obama has been advancing, when Donald Trump becomes president, the war on coal comes to an end."

While both candidates are quite different, Governor Pence believes there are still plenty of undecided voters out there.

"I think the American people take their time in elections and they should. When we're choosing that person that’s going to lead this nation, I think the American people do well to take their time, to listen, to examine the plans, to evaluate all the individuals. Donald Trump and I are committed to go across Pennsylvania and all across the country to earn the support of the people of this country"

Pence said the biggest surprise for him this election is being picked as Donald Trump's running mate.


  • Gerald Filtz

    NEPA has been run almost exclusively by elected Democrats for the past 75 years and things only get worse. Democrats think that doing the same thing again and again will lead to different results. It won’t. Trump is a real outsider. I don’t for a minute believe that he can fix everything, but I do believe that he can pass legislation to get the economy going (nationally, but NEPA politicians will see that it doesn’t happen here) and to secure the border.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2016!

  • Supporter of America

    The article states that PA has voted Democrat since 92. People, from PA, constantly complain about how things are run in DC regardless of party affiliation. Well if voting Democrat is still not working for you, after 24 years, keep right on doing it while expecting a different outcome. Isn’t that the “definition” of insanity? Fine you don’t like TRUMP and that is your “American” right, but there are other choices out there other than Hillary. You want more of the same after 24 years of your complaining, keep voting the way you have then stop complaining how bad your life is.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Trump supporters tend to have better jobs than Hillary supporters, and are nearly twice as likely to own their own homes.

    The democrat reaction: Call Trump supporters racists.


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