Democrats Rally Against Trump Ahead of Pence Visit

THROOP -- About four blocks from where Republicans are holding a rally for Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence, a group of Democrats and labor leaders staged a protest in Lackawanna County.

The rally outside a union hall in Throop included members of three different unions.

Drew Simpson of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters union says a Trump victory would cost jobs and be a crushing blow to working people in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

“The fact is, Donald Trump has a hypocritical and embarrassing history of outsourcing jobs and making Trump-branded products overseas, while claiming to fight for American workers,” Simpson said.

Simpson also believes a Trump victory could mean more conservative supreme court justices whose rulings would favor corporations and businesses over employees.


  • JohnKimball

    Clearly Trump has previously made decisions to make his products overseas, because it was in the best interest of his businesses. They were business decisions based on current laws, which he had no control over. But if there is one person you want to change things and make it more attractive for businesses to make things in the US, a man who knows the ins and outs of these laws from a business perspective (NOT a politician’s perspective) would seem to be your best bet. Now as to whether he is sincere about this, that remains to be seen. But we all know at this point that Hillary is in it 100% to enrich herself and her friends, and doesn’t give a damn about the country or trying to bring jobs back. She’s for sale to the highest bidder and will only bring us more of what we’ve seen the last 20 years, end of story. So I’m going to take my chances on Trump instead of another dose of this fake 2-party system run by the elites.

  • former resident

    Clinton can not be honest even about her own health. She lied about Benghazi. She lied about her phone and the secrets she leaked. But hey elect her and she will change. NOT!!!

  • CeeMe

    Go home. I’m glad they kept the protesters blocks away. People have a right to like and vote for whoever they please, and contrary to what liberals and liberal media put out there, Trump is not any kind of “phobic,” and doesn’t have two heads. You’re looking at him from when he was a businessman. If you owned a business, you’d be doing what helps your business, just like you want to protect your union jobs. As president, he represents a change and better deliver if elected. Hillary is the same old, same old Washington and certainly has special interests in her past. Think it over.

  • willard

    Wow! such a large crowd! 8, maybe 9. I wonder if the media will report the hundreds, possibly thousands that will come to the rally to Trump and the change that will come when he becomes President????

  • Dylan

    “The fact is, Donald Trump has a hypocritical and embarrassing history of outsourcing jobs and making Trump-branded products overseas, while claiming to fight for American workers,” Simpson said………. AND???
    Bill Clinton Created NAFTA which VANISHED more good paying manufacturing jobs from NEPA than anything or anyone in History- Remember Specialty Records in Olyphant?, RCA in Dunmore??, General Dynamics in Eynon?? These, Among many others Disappeared overnight thanks to NAFTA. So Yeah, I’ll take my chances with Trump Before I vote for Hillary the Lying, Destructive skank anyday!!

      • Dylan

        My Typo- He didn’t “Create” it but Clinton SIGNED NAFTA into Law. He knew this immediate Off shoring of jobs from the U.S. Would take place So HE is ultimately responsible
        . How did THAT work out for any of the Labor Unions? If Clinton (Either of them) were “For the people” This would not have occurred. So ANY union who supports Hillary for president is basically asking for their job to vanish…..
        Clinton (Either of them) are out for their OWN power and prestige, they do not give a rat’s arse about YOU, ME or our lives unless we benefit THEM in some way. To claim otherwise is false.
        Trump, Who knows, Was he a Businessman simply cutting costs like all other businessmen do or does he not give a crap either? I would rather take my chance with Trump, Than vote for the Pathological Liar in Hillary and the damage that I KNOW would follow her presidency.

  • shiza

    William Jefferson and the democratic controlled congress passed NAFTA back in the 90’s. That’s ok though, stay here and lose to your competitor that moved there, because of NAFTA. Typical union garble….live by the union, die by the union

      • Dylan

        Wow, Liberals are STILL blaming the Bush’s!!!! Because Blaming Bush and the “Race card” are the Only cards you morons have in the deck. The argument of a losing policy is to cry racist or blame the predecessor.

    • Givemeabreak

      No one is protesting that Trump is personally responsible for Ford sending jobs to Mexico nowhere in the article does it even say that. The protesters are there speaking their minds against these wealthy people who send jobs to other countries. Like Trump has with his business. So Trump is not personally responsible for Ford going to Mexico. Neither is Clinton, Obama or Reagan.
      It is our own fault as American consumers when we keep purchasing and supporting these companies that move their plants over seas. Why is no one protesting outside of Ford’s main corporate office? It is easier to blame these poloticians for every problem we have but most of it is our own fault how we have watched it happen and done nothing. How many people shop at Wallmart? I bet most of these people are against free trade and for shipping jobs over seas but they still shop there. We need to start taking individual responsibility for our own actions.

      • @JD

        I’m not sure about the other protestors, but the Carpenter’s Union buys EVERYTHING union made and made in the USA, even if it is more expensive!

      • Tom J.

        I wonder how many of these loyal union hacks do all their buying at Wal-Mart?? Do they buy the more expensive American made products such as shoes, etc?? Not on your life, they buy the cheap products. Why don’t they start practicing what they preach!

      • @Tom J

        Actually yes! My family is full of union members and we only use union built or made products. If a hotel is not built union, the company will not stay there. If a superstore is not built union, we won’t go there. While the product may cost more, the quality is most likely better and it’s being returned to your union. You may think I’m lying, is it tempting to buy a cheaper product, absolutely, but atleast my family doesn’t buy it, so maybe you should rethink your response.

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