Battle of the Bins in West Hazleton

WEST HAZLETON -- Residents in one part of Luzerne County recently learned they were all getting brand new free trash bins from the company that picks up their garbage, but some have been disappearing.

Thousands of new trash cans and recycling bins are being delivered to residents in West Hazleton.

Monday morning, County Waste started dropping off the new containers in front of homes free of charge.

By Monday afternoon, and every day since, West Hazleton police have been getting phone calls over the bins disappearing.

"We've been inundated with phone calls, people saying other people stole their garbage cans or stole their recycling bins that County Waste just delivered to them. If everybody is patient, everybody will get a garbage can!" said West Hazleton Police Chief Brian Buglio

County Waste crews are delivering trash cans and recycling bins to about 4,000 homes in West Hazleton, so not everyone gets a bin at the same time. It could take a few weeks for all these bins to be delivered.

The borough is asking people to be patient instead of taking someone else's new bins.

"Please, just call the office and we will get you one," pleaded borough manager Jane Mikulca.  "You don't need to take your neighbor's garbage can or recycling bins. Just call here and we will make sure you get one."

Each bin is numbered, so when crews come in the upcoming weeks and collect trash, they know what bin belongs at what house, and if one doesn't belong there they will take it back.

"They are going to get them back anyway. There is nothing you can do with them. You can't hide them. You can't sell them," said Bob Nemeth. "It's silly is what it is. It's silly!"

Nemeth has secured his bins at the back of his business, but hopes whoever has taken their neighbors' trash cans and recycling bins does the neighborly thing and returns them.


  • Show me the money

    Obviously this is just normal in Hazleton along with all the other crimes…..give it a week and there will be a murder over this crap

  • Benny

    they do make nice containers for Jorge, Raul, Enrico, and Beyonce to mix meth. Cut them a little slack. They ain’t hurtin nobody

  • Deez Nutz

    What kind of lowlife steals somebody’s garbage cans? But I guess nothing surprises me any more, considering the scum that moved into the Hazleton area! But they only came here for a better life.

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