911 Consolidation May Mean Address Changes in Montour County

DANVILLE -- Officials in Montour County hope to make their roadways safer before an upcoming merger between Montour and Columbia Counties' 911 centers.

If you live in Montour County, that could mean your address will change.

Montour County commissioners say some of the roadways in the county need to be restructured because some house numbers are out of sequence and road names change from block to block.

Responding to emergencies in some parts of Montour County can be hard at times because some of the townships are in rural areas where the house numbers are out of order.

"Some of the old houses in Mahoning Township where I live are in the wrong series. Some of them are in 200 blocks that should be in the 100 block," said Glen Wintersteen.

With an upcoming merger planned for Montour and Columbia County 911 Centers, commissioners in Montour County want to fix this problem. They are asking borough and township officials to vote on whether to allow them to change people's addresses.

"That doesn't bother me, no," said Bill Tanski of Danville. "Any change is hopefully for the better."

Redoing house numbers and street names would make it more accurate for first responders when driving to an emergency. Even so, Bob Kashner of Mahoning Township has a concern.

"I don't care that they're going to change my address, but it's what's going to happen when I have to change all my addresses on my license and my taxes and everything else that's going to have to change."

Glen Wintersteen agrees. When he got married, his address changed three times and he didn't even move.

"First we had an RD (address), then a box number, then another box number. Every time we had to send things in to all the different mailings."

The post office will recognize people's old addresses for one year and the people who are affected will be able to change their driver's licenses and vehicle registrations at no cost.

Even though people agree it would be annoying to change their addresses, they want to stay safe.

The majority of the municipalities in Montour County already approved this. Valley Township votes Wednesday night and Mahoning Township votes Monday. The earliest the address changes would take effect is next April when the 911 center is expected to open.