Trying to Conserve Water in Middleburg During Drought

MIDDLEBURG -- Officials in the borough of Middleburg in Snyder County are asking residents to conserve water in the midst of a drought.

"Everything is going to start dying soon. I actually can't believe our grass is green,” said Josh Zaring of Middleburg.

The summer has been long, hot, and unusually dry, especially in Northumberland, Snyder, and Union Counties in central Pennsylvania.

"I’m worried for people with wells that they have to conserve. My mother-in-law goes to a laundromat to conserve water for fear of their well drying up,” said Stephanie Zaring.

The Zarings live by a stream in Middleburg, and they say it is at the lowest level they have ever seen.

"I like when it's deeper, all the fish. There's barely any fish in it at all,” said Dayne Zaring.

Three-year-old Raina Zaring wants to see a little rain, too.

Borough officials have some tips for how to conserve some water: take short showers instead of baths, use recycled water to water plants, turn off the faucet when brushing teeth, and use a broom and not a hose to clean off porch areas.