Deadly Crash on Route 220 in Same Area Where Two Crashes Closed Road the Day Before

WOODWARD TOWNSHIP -- Part of Route 220 near Williamsport was closed again Tuesday, in the same area where two crashes blocked the road the day before.

State police said a driver lost control on Route 220 southbound at the intersection with Pine Run Road and went down an embankment around 3:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Two people were taken to the hospital. The driver was flown, and a male passenger was taken by ambulance. State police said they suffered critical injuries. The deputy coroner confirmed the passenger died at the hospital. He was identified as Eric Emahiser, 46, of Lock Haven.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Video sent to Newswatch 16 by a viewer shows a medical helicopter landing on the roadway.

On Monday, two separate crashes closed parts of Route 220 in the same area. One crash around 4:30 p.m. near the intersection with Quenshukeny Road left two men dead. Police said they were hit while changing a tire. A second crash occurred a few hours later about five miles away near the intersection with Route 287.

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  • keith hinkel

    Pa & Gov. Wolf MUST install cameras w/PC network to stop speeders and careless drivers as other states have done, take a pic, speed recorded, citation mailed with new steep fines–say $5000 per infraction to begin. This will soon stop the idiocy and accidents. Only practical method PLUS retest all drivers yearly and a 100% correct test score required or no license renewal–thus the 2 killed while changing a tire would not have happened.

  • rebeccantsproductionscom

    I drive back and forth to work from Lock Haven to Williamsport on weekdays. Every day I see people texting, speeding, zipping in and out of traffic, making illegal U turns in the emergency crossovers, reading and fiddling with laptops, you name it. I’ve been passed by people using the berm because there were cars in both lanes, and someone was in a hurry. Yesterday AM the sun was in my eyes prior to getting to the Sheetz mentioned here, and a truck made an illegal U turn in the emergency crossover, pulled out in front of me, only to turn left to go to its intended destination: the Erie building on the southbound side. Apparently he or she missed their turn.

    After running the gauntlet every weekday for over 10 years, I think we need more police presence and more tickets written. And, drivers need to worry about driving and not fiddling with their phones. I think that’s the biggest culprit of all.

  • Shirley

    I lost my husband five years after an accident in same intersection off Pine Run Road and Sheetz! Hoping some day they cut off all side roads and make one road that goes out to a red light! There should be three red lights in a row, one being at Sheetz off Pine Run Road! And they talk about a doughnut shop on side of road…booooo!!!!!

    • WTH

      It’s beyond sad! So heartbreaking! I used to go up the way now and then and once drove back from in one of the worst storms we had about a bit over a year ago! Parts of it were/are treacherous! One of the most pretty drives though in the state!

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