Plans to Close Intersection in Monroe County Put on Hold

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Plans to close an intersection in Monroe County have been put on hold.

PennDOT planned to close Shafers Schoolhouse Road where it meets Route 209 near Stroudsburg sometime this year, but now it is looking at other alternatives.

PennDOT officials wanted to make sure they did their due diligence before completely shutting down the intersection.

There have been many crashes where Shafers Schoolhouse Road intersects with Route 209. Some drivers don't know there is a traffic light here until it's too late.

Some drivers are relieved that the project is now on hold.

"I would have to take a longer route around to where I have to go," said Alexis Drake of Cresco.

Over the years, there have been several deadly crashes there.

PennDOT planned to close the intersection sometime this year, but this week the agency said it would look at other options before making any permanent changes.

"On hold sounds good. Permanently on hold is what we really want to hear," said Paul Edinger, Butler Park Self-Storage.

There are many people who would like to see the road close, but there are also many people who want to see it stay open. One thing people can agree on is that if there was better signage, there might be fewer problems.

Comparable to what they have in Wilkes-Barre, (Route) 115 when the light suddenly appears, you even have a red signal ahead that lets you know in advance. It's mostly for tractor trailers, but it lets you know you need to start braking now," said Edinger.

But there are some residents who believe whatever will keep drivers safe is the best option.

Rob Scudder lives along Shafers Schoolhouse Road. Knowing drivers, including his children, are safe behind the wheel is most important to him.

"I've seen quite a few accidents in the past few years so it's definitely a problem," Scudder said. "Something needs to be done, whether it's signs, whether it's closing down the road altogether, then that's what they have to do."

Some of the other options PennDOT is looking at include flashing lights before the intersection, more signs, and putting rumble strips in the road.

Closing the intersection is also still an option.

According to PennDOT, there is no timetable on when a decision will be made.