Day Care to Close, Operator And Parents Angry

EYNON -- The state wants to shut down a day care center in Lackawanna County that's been around for 38 years.

Parents are crying foul, calling the Department of Human Services heavy-handed and unfair.

State inspectors have found several violations at Andrea Vladika's home day care center in the past three years, but parents of the kids cared for at her house in Eynon say these violations should not put her out of business.

Over the past four decades, operating her day care center from her home in Eynon, Andrea Vladika has cared for hundreds of children.

"They're not just a paycheck. They're not a job. They're family," said Vladika.

The family business took a hit two years ago A state inspection found violations that included she did not have valid first aid training for any staff.

The business was warned. Vladika was now operating on a provisional or probationary license.

A 2015 inspection found her facility had 15 mixed-aged children. She was supposed to only have 12.

In December, the state revoked her license.

"I cried. I literally cried for days," Vladika said.

Vladika says she appealed, but this February, another state inspection found the (rear) exit door was locked.

Her response: "One of my children locked it."

"I'm just confused as to what could possibly be going on as to why they'd want to close that down," said Rich Ainey of Eynon.

"I was absolutely appalled that somebody who has been in business for so long, and takes such good care of the children up there, that they could possibly be closing," said Jessup resident Brittani Fenton.

Fenton and other parents believe the care their kids receive far outweighs the inspection violations. They promise to fight for the day care center operator they regard as family.

"She was there for my wedding. She was there for my son's christening. She was there for my son's birthday party," said Fenton.

Parents are confident they will be able to find other day care for their children, but they're concerned they won't find a place that provides the same kind of family atmosphere as this does.

"It's just not going to be the same," said Ainey.

Unless something changes, Andrea Vladika will be forced to close her doors in two weeks -- September 28 -- after running a home day care center for 38 years.

"I just can't wrap my head around the fact that they're taking my license away," Vladika said.

The state Department of Human Services emailed Newswatch 16 writing, Andrea Vladika, "did not request reconsideration of the decision to revoke her license in December."

Vladika says that is not true. Her lawyer announced plans to file a motion in Commonwealth Court to delay any plans to close the day care while she appeals.

This is the statement from the State Department of Human Services on it's decision to close down the daycare:

"Andrea Vladika Day Care was issued a first provisional certificate of compliance from May 4, 2015 to November 4, 2015, for substantial but not complete compliance.

On December 1, 2015, the department notified her of the decision to refuse to renew her provisional certificate of compliance due to noncompliance with regulations and failure to comply with an acceptable plan of compliance. Ms. Vladika appealed the decision and the appeal was denied.

She did not request reconsideration and she was directed to close her facility on September 28, 2016."


  • angela

    I would prefer the door to be locked. Prevents the runners from getting out and prevents the nutcases from getting in. There was a case in the recent past in PA where someone grabbed a child right out of daycare center.

    • WAKE UP

      The funny thing is they considered a door ‘locked’ even if it has a push/panic bar to open it from the inside only. BUT for some reason they also want anyone outside access through the door. Under their rules, no door should ever be locked even in nursing homes – unless it is a secured unit. It must remain unlocked 24/7. Absolute ridiculousness.

  • JD

    Wow. Of all the people out there that have committed REAL crimes, they’re throwing the book at THIS lady?! Seems a bit harsh!

  • Denise Wettstein

    Of course the people love her! She’s most likely a lot cheaper than than those who operate daycare “away from home”. She accommodates their schedule, she doesn’t charge when they’re absent. She takes every kid who comes to her regardless of their ages. There are state guidelines that regulate these businesses. Those guidelines are for the safety of kids. Yes, there are bad eggs in that bunch too. However, this woman has made a very decent living providing crowded conditions, poor supervision, not enough staff, avoiding not just overhead costs but possibly taxes! The cost of the required CPR and Red Cross First Aid Child Safety is inexpensive and can save lives. She’s been given many opportunities to correct the problems. Why isn’t she doing it “for the kids’ sakes.”

  • Been where you are

    I have been down this road with my daycare and was unsuccessful keeping my license do to paper work lost in fire. Good guys finish last. While all these other daycares. mistreat the children, keep the children in the hot cars, unsupervised. its sad the one that actually care about the kids are forced to close. File aemotion with the commonwealth will not allow you to still operate i tired. I also had a petition, and got the state representative of congress and still was unsuccessful! I wish you the best of luck. But i think it should be fair across the board with all daycares and I know for a fact it is not!!! So heart breaking!!!

  • Michelle B.

    She says that the locked door was due to a child. However, if the children were supervised properly that would not have happened. Therefore, the questions is….where was she when the “child” locked the door!

    • Lacey

      Ya um I have a 2yr old that unlocks and locks doors all the time and she’s super quick at it. You can’t be a foot away at all times. Its unrealistic to think that kids can’t do things like this even in the safest environment possible, especially if they are super curious and rambunctious such as my daughter. She’s always on the go and always seems to find a way to get into things unnoticed.

    • WAKE UP

      If you had children you would know that they loveee locking and unlocking doors. It’s like a game. Also under state requirements there is one care taker to every 6 children. Can you watch 6 kids at one time and nothing go wrong? You can’t make them sit all day either. Kids play.

  • Joe

    She had violations. I wouldn’t want my children in a daycare if they weren’t up to state regulations. It’s about the children.

    • Lacey

      Agreed. I would think proper first aid traning should be a top priority in a child care facility. I do however sympathize with her a little over the door being locked maybe because I only have one at home but she has become a habitual offender in this category.
      Kids are quick. I feel like these violations could be fixed easily and she should be given a second chance under a probationary period and go from there.

  • Rich Ainey

    Please share and make sure this reaches all of the children that Andrea has welcomed into her “family.” We need to know why such a heavy hand has been dealt to a pillar of our community.

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