Couple Facing Sex Charges Involving Boys in Wayne County

DAMASCUS TOWNSHIP -- A husband and wife in Wayne County were in court Tuesday on a slew of sex charges involving children. Much of the content in the hearing was graphic and shocking.

Court papers reveal that the accused told their alleged victims not to say anything, calling it the "circle of trust."

Two boys took the stand describing the alleged sexual abuse they endured at the hands of Michael and Jamie Schwartz.

Now the couple will likely stand trial in Wayne County court on charges including rape.

Michael and Jamie Schwartz walked into a magistrate's office north of Honesdale for a hearing on charges ranging from rape to indecent assault and more.

Charges were filed last month after state police say two boys claimed the Schwartzes sexually abused them between 2011 and 2013.

One of the boys, now 12, testified saying, "We would have to walk around the house naked. Michael and Jamie were naked too."

The 15 year old added, "They forced us to take clothes off."

After an hour-long hearing, a district judge found enough evidence to send the case to trial.

Those two boys, now 12 and 15 years old, testified they would stay with Michael and Jamie Schwartz at the Schwartz home in Beach Lake two or three times per month over the weekends. During that time, they say Michael Schwartz told them there's a "circle of trust," and anything that happens inside the home stays in the home.

"They make them feel like nobody is going to understand. If you tell, you're going to be looked down on," said Marci Lancaster.

Lancaster is a friend of the boys' family. She sat through the graphic testimony about games of truth or dare and spin the rod that prosecutors say led to the sexual abuse at the former Schwartz home in the Orchard Heights mobile home park.

The couple, who lives in Philadelphia, had no comment.

As for the alleged victims, their supporters believe it had to be tough to take the stand.

"The feeling in the courtroom was devastating. You don't want to hear those details. Everyone would want to push it under the rug. We need to stand up for victims, be there, and show them they have support and we're not going anywhere," said Lancaster.

Michael and Jamie Schwartz are free on bail.

Michael Schwartz also is charged with bigamy. Investigators say they found he never was divorced from his first wife when he married Jamie Schwartz in May.


  • all mine

    If they get out of this someone paid someone kids for cash.. the pedophiles and their families will pay the courts off saying they are innocent or whomever they can pay off.

  • stand up for victims

    Kim, maybe these boys would have never got into trouble if they hadn’t been through what Micheal and Jamie put them though ! Have you looked into whats going on with their own children? Do you know the whole story? Victim blaming is the easiest thing for people that know the defendants to turn to. They don’t want to believe someone they know or are related would do such disgusting things. It happens and we here about it more and more every day. Every molester is related to people that cant believe they would do it. Comments like yours are the reason victims stay silent ! Its time to stand up for victims !

    • Kim

      Maybe you are talking from someone that has been in trouble before and your family has bailed you out. And also you have to understand that the news station does not report the whole truth only what they think is the best. and what they can make a story of. I believe they did not do it. And so does a lot of people that don’t know these two. So lets leave this to God

  • my name

    Oh let me guess it’s the courts fault these lowlifes did what they did…it’s always someone else’s fault.. they are adults they should of been protecting children.

  • my name

    Oh let me guess it’s the courts fault these lowlifes did what they did…it’s always someone else’s fault.. they are adults they should of been protecting children.

    • wow

      Because your ignorance is so disgustingly disturbing, I felt I needed to point this out to you : “They forced us to take clothes off.”— that makes all the difference in the world.

    • me

      Why hide? Let everyone see the low life’s walk the walk of shame they should put a sign on both of them I’m a pedophile and have them walk around on the streets…maybe where they are living in Philadelphia


    Does it ever stop? There’s got to be a way to stop this stuff before it starts. Start putting child molesters on Death Row, and only allow people on Death Row to be there for a maximum of 2 years before their execution, long enough to make them think and suffer for what they’ve done. Maybe that will make more of these pathetic non-humans think twice before committing their heinous acts.

      • have one

        People like this should be made to get a vasectomy if it’s a male and a female should be court ordered to get a tubal ligation.. end of story

      • I have

        By the looks of her she looks like she’s already pregnant.. that child if she is should be placed in custody of CYS as soon as it is born..end of story and that scumbag should be court ordered for a hysterectomy

      • Kim

        You all are so dum because most of us know the supposed victims. But there has always been a faud between them. Dont forget about the trouble those boys got themselves into with the school bus shooting and before that about the 6 year old girl case. O and wait, what about the threats made to wayne highlands school that one of the boys did to another boy. I think someone has hate towards the one’s being accused. I hope jamie and michael can get proof, because i dont think they did it. The ones that are writing below you can tell most of the comments are from the same person. And can tell they are a friend to the side of the family or maybe Tina Warring or Jessica’s Friend. Grow up! What happened to Innocent until proven guilty? Yes people that truly commit that type of crime should be punished.
        Maybe if you all knew those boys you would know that they are liers and have a history of not telling the truth. Or maybe they got into trouble and had to get the heat off them so they made a story up. Understand the one blaming this on them have been in trouble and there parents have been charged with crimes of there own. And those boys have been in trouble several of times. ” Let those who have not sinned Let them cast the first stone. “

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