Abused Dog Left at Pocono Shelter


STROUD TOWNSHIP — A dog that was abused and severely neglected is now in the care of a veterinarian in the Poconos.

AWSOM Animal Shelter says this dog, they’ve named “Chestnut,” was dropped off Monday in very bad condition.

The 3-year-old Pitbull can barely walk and cannot see because of an eye infection and ulcers in both eyes.

She also suffered several bite wounds all over her body, apparently from another dog.

The people who dropped off Chestnut also left a cat behind.

The animal shelter reported the abuse to authorities in Monroe County.


  • Writer Girl

    Absolutely disgusting! I hope the person/persons responsible are caught and punished and barred from owning animals. Why would anyone do this to a living animal or think dog fighting is entertainment? Get a real life, Pigs!!!

  • donna

    Tired of people abusing animals,they make me sick. If they abuse animals they will abuse humans. They should be tried as if it was a human that they abused. A civilized people do not abuse animals or human begins. This is what some people,if you can call them people have turned into. These so called people have turned into wild animals.

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