Toddler Suffocates after Daycare Worker Sits on Beanbag Chair He was Playing Under


WEST JORDAN, Utah – The parents of a toddler killed at a West Jordan daycare center Thursday say their son suffocated to death after an employee sat on the beanbag chair he was underneath, KUTV reports.

Leo Sanchez, who would have turned two next week, crawled under a beanbag at West Jordan Child Center and was there when one of the workers sat on it to read stories to the other kids, said his mother Danielle Sanchez.

Police are reviewing surveillance video, which Sanchez said shows Leo climbing under the bag, where he was for five to 15 minutes before employees realized he was underneath.

“How could this happen?” Sanchez said. “He’s a big boy. How did they lose track of him? Too many kids, too much noise, overwhelmed, a bad day … Somebody dropped the ball and now we’re going to have to bury a boy because of that.”

Sgt. Joe Monson of the West Jordan Police Department called Leo’s death a “very tragic, sad accident.”

“No words adequately describe the depth of the sorrow we feel,” the daycare center said in a statement released through an attorney. “And, of course, we do not pretend to understand how devastating this is for the family. We know the family well, we grieve with them, and we pray that God will provide them the comfort and peace they inevitably will need.”

The Department of Health is also investigating circumstances around the toddler’s death and whether the care facility is operating under the proper license, a process which takes 30 days, said department spokesperson Tom Hudachko.

Hudachko said the daycare center has not had any reported, significant infractions over the past five years.

Leo would have turned two on Sept. 17, the day his parents now plan to hold his funeral.

“I dropped him off at daycare not realizing I would never be able to hold him again,” Sanchez said, “or kiss him or have my Leo back.”

Leo’s father, Dan Sanchez, said something needs to change at the daycare and that other parents and caregivers should be aware that something like this could happen.

“Be aware,” he said. “Have knowledge and some accountability.”

Neighbors of the facility say they have noticed problems, including incidents of children not being properly supervised, in the past.

At least two parents of other children at the daycare say they have had concerns and are now trying to find alternative options for childcare.


  • GetALife

    First off workers in a daycare center has to have backgrounds done and schooling or experience they don’t just pick random people off the streets and how can you degrade this family for working and using daycare Noone wants to encourage anyone to live off the government and only one person working in a home isn’t capable of happening in this economy the family trusted the daycare center instead of just a babysitter and a tragic accident happened some people don’t have the luxury of having family around to watch our kids and if everyone used family or worked different hours all daycare workers would be without a job it is what they do also daycare doesn’t raise anyone’s children they care for them for hours while parent is at work they don’t raise them

  • Gail Grimm

    If anyone ever sat on a bean bag chair you diffidently would know something was under there. You’d feel a lump. How bib was this chair that they couldn’t see him under it. RIP Leo heavens newest Angel

  • Kevin

    Too many people, not enough jobs. Thin the herd until a parent can afford to stay home with the kids instead of sending them off to a rotating cast of McNannies to raise them.

  • Responsibility

    There’s an easy solution. Don’t let someone else raise your child. Dad talks about accountability yet let’s someone else raise his child. We know where babies come from. If you don’t have the means to raise your own child, don’t have one until you do.

    • InTheShadows

      Oh yeah Mr. Know It All? SOME people have to work full-time in order to provide for their children so they need daycare. We live in a world where the gov doesn’t want anyone to have children and if you do, be sure to know that it will cost you…

    • Laura

      Your and idiot and clearly a well off idiot or live off of us that do work either way your comment shows you really have no clue. Do you really think they want to send their kids to daycare? Probably not I’m sure but they have to and they don’t need to feel belittled because of it. I’d rather see hard working parents that send their kids to child care then rich snobs or welfare rats staying home with them. The a life.

      • Laura

        Lol yes yes I made a few mistakes in my comment yup I seen them I was on my phone and didn’t catch what spell check did but you get what I’m saying I’m sure but you want to be an even bigger idiot by pointing out little mistakes take you shit and shove it I stand by my comment. Good day!!🙂

    • brian silly-o

      responsibility is partly right. the day care worker didn’t go to work that day saying i’m going to kill a 2 year old. it was an accident. child deaths unfortunately also happen at home. but if the parent was home and maybe worked a different shift than their spouse so they didn’t have to use day care this may not have happened

      • Laura

        No he’s not right even in the tiniest way. We have the right to have kids and we have the right to send our kids to a child care facility. I’m working and paying for it don’t tell me how to raise my children. The daycare is getting paid to watch my child and that’s what needs to happen and happen well. There’s something else
        To this story I don’t buy she couldn’t feel a child under a beanbag unless Her ass is numb. No
        excuse for what happened.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Wow there is so much that I have to say about this, but I will be brief instead. These parents were looking after their child. They put their child in the care of whom they thought would take care of their child because they were being responsible in the fact that they had to work , you know people do actually have to work to survive right?

      • Beetlejuice

        Stop enabling entitled parents. Earlier generations made sacrifices. I have no doubt that these “parents” enjoy premuim cable television, huge data plans on their expensive smart phones, and many other luxuries they could easily have done without if they’d have put their kids first.

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