The McClure Bean Soup Festival in 1996

One thing we are known for in northeastern and central Pennsylvania is our community festivals.

And one unique festival is going on all this week in Snyder County.

The Bean Soup Festival in McClure is a favorite of our Mike Stevens as he takes us Back Down The Pennsylvania road 20 years to 1996.

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    McClure Bean Soup Festival and Fair Underway

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    Kinzua Dam

  • bdpr altoona curve

    The Horseshoe Curve

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    Old Sawmill in Wayne County

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    Judging Apple Pies

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    Spelling Bee

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    The Dog Days of Summer

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    Thoughts on Labor Day from 2004

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    A September Memory from 2002

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    Improving the Washboard

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    A Summer Day on the River

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    Tomatoes by the River