Teen Charged in Deadly Luzerne County Stabbing

KINGSTON TOWNSHIP -- A teen is charged with criminal homicide accused of stabbing three family members inside their Luzerne County home, killing the father and wounding the mother and daughter.

Court papers indicate Zach Hockenberry, 14,  barged into a home on Orchard Street in Trucksville Sunday afternoon and attacked the family.

David Sinoracki was stabbed in the chest and died at the hospital.

His wife Bobbi Jo was stabbed in the back. She and the couple's 17-year-old daughter, who was also stabbed, are still in the hospital in stable condition.

Court papers show Bobbi Jo Sinoracki told police she was vacuuming in her living room Sunday when she felt something in her back. She turned around and saw Hockenberry holding a knife. That's when she realized she was stabbed. She then told police Hockenberry went after her husband David Sinoracki, who was stabbed in his chest. He later died.

Their daughter heard her mother screaming for help, tried to intervene, and she was stabbed in the chest.

"Any time our students are impacted in a tragedy like this, it impacts us at all levels," said Dallas School District Superintendent Thomas Duffy.

Hockenberry is a student in the Dallas School District.

School officials say both families have other students in the district. Now, they have professionals prepared to talk to any students who might be grieving.

"Any time there's a tragedy in the community, certainly we open up our doors and allow for students that are in need of assistance to see our guidance counselors," said Duffy.

Hockenberry now faces criminal homicide and assault charges.


  • Deborah

    I truly wish the press would run with this, folllow and cover the hell out of the story like they did with Eric Frein. Honor the decedent and his family by trying to expose the root of whatever evil perpetuated this act.

    • Velojan

      No one seems to question this, but maybe thats part of how they work, by evoking these violent acts. No one is reporting the association of certain meds and these violent crimes and shootings. Big Pharm. isn’t encouraging it.

    • Deborah

      My concern is that this will be explained, (excused) that either the teen WAS taking some sort of anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, psych medicine. Don’t people realize that these drugs are designed to chemically alter us? I truly would rather deal with people’s rage, anger or whatever issues they have as they are, not chemically altered. If the kid was acting out and “being a kid” then we as a society should perhaps, “be a parent”. Sorry for the rant here, because I really have no clue as to what really caused this, I am just venting because I am just sick and tired of all the lame excuses and our society so quick to put young children on medications for being a.d.d; o.c.d.; autistic or all the other labels. How about or kids are c.h.i.l.d.!! Then, our elders when they are in need of a nursing home, they drug the hell out of them there to try to “control” them too!!!

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