Students Hold Freedom Walk to Remember 9/11

HUGHESVILLE -- As we mark the 15th anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2001, students at Ashkar Elementary in Hughesville remembered those who lost their lives.

"It's very sad to just think about how many lives were lost," Liam Turnbow said.

Three years ago, three students came up with the idea to hold a remembrance ceremony at the school.

"We did our first one in third grade and we really enjoyed it, so we decided to keep on going with it, so we did," Ellie Jones said.

Third, fourth, and fifth-grade students held a ceremony in the school's cafeteria, and then did what they call a freedom walk. They walked around the school waving flags as students in other grades looked on. After that, they held a ceremony at the flagpole.

"We found it in a reading book and we got inspired by it and so we kept doing it," Hailey Myers said.

Principal Sherry Cowburn is proud of the three fifth-graders for organizing the event.

"They will be important names one day, I'm sure. They decided to start this and they've continued it for three years. Each year, they come and meet with me and say we need to get ready and get busy planning this," Cowburn said.

None of these kids was alive 15 years ago, but they still feel it's important to remember what happened on 9/11.

"I think that this was a very important day in history to remember," Myers said.

"We saw that there were 2,300 lives lost and we just thought that we had to continue this after we saw that," Turnbow said.

Principal Cowburn plans to continue the freedom walk, even after the students who organized it move on to junior high school.

"We're still going to carry on the tradition here long after they go," Cowburn said.