Man Charged with Selling Heroin in Hazleton

HAZLETON -- A man was arrested after a month-long investigation into the sale of heroin in Hazleton.

Police say Michael Shirley, 23, of Hazleton sold heroin on two separate occasions.

Shirley was taken into custody on Monday. While searching his vehicle, police found a WD-40 spray can with a false bottom. Inside were about 195 packets of heroin and 15 packets of crack cocaine.

Shirley is currently locked up in Luzerne County on numerous drug related charges.


  • good gosh

    Dolo- your paragraph(story) was long and boring I was about to slit my rists before I got to the end. Im all about legalizing drugs also but shoten it up Holmes.

  • mrmdolo

    Stop the drug war with objective of shutting down the black market. The drug war has failed. The drug war is driving the problems, not fixing them. Decriminalization/legalization is necessary, it needs to be backed up with public health announcements explaining exactly why it is needed. Its not in any way condoning the abuse of addictors, it is done bc the alternative, the drug war, has made things infinitely worse on almost every level, to include making drugs abundantly available to any & all that wants them.
    We need to pull LE out of the drug biz – that will free up a lot of resources currently chasing their collective tails. When the laws create more harm and cause more damage than they prevent, its time to change the laws. The $1 TRILLION so-called war on drugs is a massive big government failure – on nearly every single level. Its way past time to put the cartels & black market drug dealers out of business. Mass incarceration has failed. We cant even keep drugs out of a contained & controlled environment like prison.
    We need the science of addiction causation to guide prevention, treatment, recovery & public policies. Otherwise, things will inexorably just continue to worsen & no progress will be made. Addiction causation research has continued to show that some people (suffering with addiction) have a “hypo-active endogenous opioid/reward system.” This is the (real) brain disease, making addiction a symptom, not a disease itself. One disease, one pathology. Policy must be made reflecting addiction(s) as a health issue.
    The war on drugs is an apotheosis of the largest & longest war failure in history. It actually exposes our children to more harm & risk and does not protect them whatsoever. In all actuality, the war on drugs is nothing more than an international projection of a domestic psychosis. It is not the “great child protection act,” its actually the complete opposite.
    The lesson is clear: Drug laws do not stop people from harming themselves, but they do cause addicts to commit crimes and harm others. We need a new approach that decriminalizes the disease. We must protect society from the collateral damage of addiction and stop waging war on ourselves. We need common sense harm reduction approaches desperately. MAT (medication assisted treatment) and HAT (heroin assisted treatment) must be available options. Of course, MJ should not be a sched drug at all.

    • It's poverty.. Get a clue..

      Hahahahahahaha!! Prodominantly low class Hispanic neighborhood has crime… How weird is that?! Same crap happens in white trailer parks ya dimwit..

  • Benny

    i like to store my heroin in a full can of WD-40. It’s a little tough getting it in there but once in there it’s nice to spray and spritz when i need it. Surely Michael will be smarter next time.

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