Man Accused of $100,000 in Fake Medicaid Claims

CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- A man accused of scamming the government out of more than $100,000 in medical claims is locked up awaiting extradition back to Monroe County.

Authorities in Florida arrested Michael Johnston, 55, on fraud and theft charges.

Johnston allegedly submitted hundreds of fraudulent Medicaid claims over three years while he owned Vision Counseling Services near Brodheadsville.

Investigators say he never actually provided the services because he was out of the country.


  • jim

    I saw a story on Medicare fraud on 20/20 or 60 minutes sometime ago and the agency has a pay first ask question later policy

  • David Edwards

    People use fraud to get Medicare money while honest seniors and cut way back on services after a certain age .
    After a bone broke in my spine after age 74 doctor said, medicare will not cover it. ..I still have a loose bone in my back Thanks to rationed care and thieves stieve steal more than we use

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