Father and Son Scratched, Bitten by Fox in Home

LYCOMING TOWNSHIP -- An 8-year-old boy and his father were both attacked by a rabid gray fox that followed the boy right into his home.

The animal was finally cornered inside the home near Williamsport, but not before it scratched the boy and bit the father.

"It's not common for a wild animal to come towards us," said Pennsylvania Game Commission Officer Richard Macklem.

Early Saturday morning, Officer Macklem was called to Maple Spring Road in Lycoming Township after a father and son were both attacked by a gray fox.

"The 8-year-old son went outside to feed some cats and that's when the fox come out of the woods," said Officer Macklem, adding that the fox followed the boy back into the house.

"At that point, of course, dad got involved and took a cushion from a couch or a chair and was able to place it over top of the fox."

By the time the game commission made it to the home, the fox was in a tote. It had been suffocated.

"The father had scratches on his leg, I believe, and the son, the 8 year old, had scratches or bite marks on his arm."

It isn't unusual for people to see wild animals in this neighborhood, but what is concerning to some neighbors is hearing the fox went into the home with the child.

Pennsylvania Game Commission officers sent the fox to be tested. On Tuesday, test results showed the animal did have rabies.

"It's not uncommon for animals that we submit for testing to come back positive for rabies," said Officer Macklem.

The game commission advises anyone that has been bitten by an animal to go directly to their doctor or emergency room as a precaution.

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