Family Turns in Suspect in Carbondale Home Invasion


CARBONDALE — A terrifying home invasion in Lackawanna County led to an arrest after the suspect’s own brother turned him in. Police in Carbondale say the robbery over the weekend is not the only one the man is responsible for.

Stephen Engroff is now locked up on charges connected to one of those home invasions in Carbondale. It just happened this past weekend.

Police say Engroff broke into a neighbor’s home, held a gun to a man’s head, and then locked the family in the basement.

Engroff was led out of the Carbondale police station after his arrest. Police picked him up just hours after a home invasion on Park Street.

“We did retrieve two guns, two different guns, one identified as the gun used in it, luckily it was a BB gun,” said Carbondale Police Sgt. Jeff Arthur.

Police say the home Engroff targeted was right across the street from where he lived.

According to court papers, he broke in through a side window, planning to steal an Xbox, but when the homeowner confronted him, Engroff pulled out a gun and made the victims carry their valuables downstairs.

He then ordered the husband, wife, and their 6-month-old child to the basement.

According to police, after locking the victims in the basement, Engroff started taking the stolen items across the street. That’s when members of his own family called police.

“He called us and said it was his brother and he didn’t want any of the stolen merchandise at his house,” said Sgt. Arthur.

Police say Engroff took the stolen items back to his house and put them on the lawn. Cops later picked him up as he walked down the street.

Neighbors who didn’t want to go on camera say this kind of crime in their quiet neighborhood is shocking.

“Two houses down? You would never think anything about that, especially, I mean, you sit and talk to the people.”

“He was a violent criminal yesterday; maybe have a drug and alcohol problem, but when people are like that, who knows what they will do? Those people are lucky they weren’t hurt.”

Carbondale police also say Engroff confessed to a second home invasion in the city that happened back in November. Police expect to charge Engroff with that crime in the next week or so.


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