Trump Campaign Office Opens in Scranton

SCRANTON -- Supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have a new place to call home in Scranton.

The Trump campaign hub on Fifth Avenue officially opened its doors following a ceremony Saturday afternoon.

The office will be a central location for supporters to phone bank and send out emails.

Campaign officials say Scranton, along with the rest of the northeast, is a huge key to Trump's success for a White House bid.

"Scranton is always the focal point in any presidential election, but this one particularly is ever so important because of what's at stake," said Doug Miller.

The campaign office will be open every day until Election Day on November 8.

Both Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are scheduled to take the day off from campaigning on Sunday. They will join the country in remembering the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.


  • Scranton Citizen

    Great- a gathering house for all the racists and bigots in Scranton. Sadly, it won’t be empty. Don’t think Trump and his supporters are racist, xenophobic (look it up), sexist jerks? You might want to get checked for selective hearing you fools.

    • Dan Wesson (NRA FOR LIFE)

      when you no longer have the right to defend yourself just remember 911 is only 10 minutes away. My 911 gets there at 1350 feet per second. Now be a good boy or girl now and go out and tell some lies

      • ?

        Scranton is right. Check out those that scream tRUMP the most. In this area we see a lot of cop hating, gun hiding, welfare collecting, criminals. All white. That being said, we have never voted a liberal into office. But we can see the truth and admit it. The republican party is full of hypocrites.

      • lkreu

        What’s wrong with you? What are you talking about? I’m still waiting for President Obama to take you guns – what happened to that little lie you and your NRA buddies have been telling for the last 8 yrs? Trump supporters are all old and white – hate immigrants yet – most of our families were immigrants – makes fun of handicapped people, calls women pigs and worse – he’s the true meaning of the “ugly American”

  • Jeff Woehrle

    “Barack Obama’ gave birth to ISIS, has doubled our national debt, gutted our military, has more people on food stamps than at any time in America’s history, watched as democrat-led American cities became war zones with daily body counts, and put Hillary Clinton in charge of American foreign policy.

    It’s no wonder Trump’s rise has been historic.

    Time to make America great again.

    • World according to Fox

      The quest for an Islamic state is thousands of years old. Blaming Obama is ignorant. At least look up the meaning of the phrases ISIS and ISIL.

  • The Presidents True Colors

    Obama – gas prices low – stock markets very high – more people insured than ever – longest positive job growth in history – American auto industry booming – got out of Bush military blunder in Iraq – equal rights for all genders – etc……. The world has great respect for a peacemaker.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Fun fact: Average Trump supporters have better jobs than average Clinton supporters, and are almost twice as likely to own their own home.

    Trump supporters are makers. Hillary supporters are takers.

    • lkreu

      Where do you get your facts? Record low unemployment rate? Markets are better than ever. Most of Trump supporters are old white retired people!

      • Jeff Woehrle

        Facts are facts, gruber. Labor participation rate (which is the REAL test of unemployment as it doesn’t consider folks who gave up looking for a job to be employed) is at the lowest level in decades. National debt has DOUBLED under “Barack Obama,” and the stock market rises when interest rates are low…and interest rates have been near zero since “Barack Obama” took office.

        AND, Trump supporters tend to be more successful than Hillary supporters.

        Sorry, gruber.

    • E

      Gee well it rhymes so it must br true ha ha ha! Are you also the guy who I hear spouting “the difference between men and boys is the size of their toys” bwah ha ha ha! Duhhh the coal miners have spoken.

  • Satan

    trump supporters are always the typical middle aged obese people who are white and feel offended by ethnic minorities.

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