Rescue at Nay Aug Gorge

SCRANTON -- Crews rescued a man at Nay Aug Gorge in Scranton Saturday afternoon.

Police say a man, believed to be a teen or in his early 20s, fell from an overlook at the gorge. According to crews at the scene, the man was conscious but had no feeling in his legs.

Emmanuel Santos tells Newswatch 16 he was there with friends when the victim said he was going to jump off the cliff.

“We were just there and he decided he’s going to jump off a pillar and he jumped off and everyone thought he was alright and he can’t swim and his legs were paralyzed,” Santos said.

Responders say the fall could have been anywhere from 35 to 100 feet.

The rescue took more than 25 minutes.

“We got down to him with ropes. They put him on a backboard and floated him downstream and removed him from the water with ropes,” said Roger Rogalewicz with the Scranton Fire Department.

The victim was taken to the hospital.

Robert Lora said after seeing someone get injured, he told the people he was with: don't take any risks.

“Well, I told him don't do it. Just for his safety, I don’t want nothing happening to him."

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