Mom Smoked Joint to Celebrate 1st Day of School, Police Say


Vancouver Island, Canada – This is one way to send your kids off to school. When cops on Canada’s Vancouver Island pulled over a car speeding in a school zone on Tuesday morning, a telltale scent wafted from the window, reports CTV.

“It was pretty evident that the people in that car, or the driver herself, had been smoking a joint prior to being stopped,” says Saanich Police Sgt. John Price. The driver “did admit to smoking a joint and tried to excuse it away by saying her and some of the other moms this morning had a celebratory joint, celebrating that the kids were back in school,” Price explains.

The unidentified woman told cops she lit up with other moms before getting in the car. She was cited for the speeding offense, though not for toking up, CBC reports.

Saanich PD tweeted that the driver was given a sobriety test. Responding on Twitter, one man rapped cops for failing to tweet that the woman passed the test and thus wasn’t charged with impaired driving.

Donnie Villeneuve posted: “why don’t you mention that despite smoking this obvious devil weed, she passed the sobriety test and wasn’t charged? #shame

The PD responded: “The point is you don’t consume intoxicants before driving. And you then don’t speed thru school zone while under influence.” Canada is in the process of legalizing marijuana, but Price said that shouldn’t lead anyone to think it’s OK to smoke and drive.

“That’s not the case,” he said, per CTV. (In the US, Americans are smoking way more pot these days.)

This article originally appeared on Newser: Cops: Mom Smoked Joint to Celebrate 1st Day of School

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    Are you stupid marijuana will make a person do stupid things they would not normally do, marijuana turns people into PEDOS and MURDERERS!

    • E

      Ha ha ha ha! First off it’s hilarious that you can’t even SPELL pedophile! No, ALCOHOL turns people into sex offensers and murderers, look at all the abusive, Irish Catholic drunken trash that lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania lol. I’m guessing you are very old because you talk like you believe that hilarious 1930’s propoganda film Reefer Madness. Bwah ha ha ha!

  • Shelby Cliff

    When will people learn? Just because it’s illegal (and for stupid reasons) doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. I do not smoke marijuana but I do know of its positive and healing effects and I am in high support of it. It is not a drug and its legalization and use could change the world as we know it in many ways. Weed is the wonder plant. The answer everyone is looking for for alot of our problems. As it may be dangerous for some people to drive after smoking, its not for all, marijuana effects every person differently. I personally cannot smoke it because it gives me panic attacks when it’s the exact opposite for many others. Weed is not dangerous. It is a blessing.

    • wnepcommenter

      “I personally cannot smoke it because it gives me panic attacks.”
      “because it gives me panic attacks.”
      “panic attacks.”
      “Weed is not dangerous. It is a blessing.”

      Solid logic.

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