Too Hot for School: Tunkhannock Students Sent Home Early

TUNKHANNOCK -- More than 2,000 students in the Tunkhannock Area School District were left out of school a little early on Friday because the temperature inside the schools became too much to handle.

The Scranton School District also dismissed students early.

Buildings overheating and increasing humidity had become a problem in the middle school and high school.

Alec Walter says he looking forward to starting his high school journey but the heat made it uncomfortable for him and his classmates. He was sitting in class when his teacher got an email saying the school was letting out at 11:30 a.m.

"It was really hot," said Walter. "They saw yesterday students were doing very poorly, especially with sports and after school, so they decided to let us out."

School officials say they have been monitoring the heat index all week and watched temperatures rise.

Since the beginning of the school year, the Tunkhannock Area Middle School has been one of the buildings school officials have kept an eye on because it kept overheating.

After multiple buildings began to overheat, school officials decided to send all the students and staff home for health and safety reasons.

Students say the heat at Tunkhannock High school Made it nearly impossible to concentrate on their studies.

"It was just kind of hot," said senior Hunter Mingus. "It was really sweaty; everyone was sweaty, so it was kind of draining and it made it hard for the students to concentrate."

School officials say they are working to make sure this doesn't happen again.


  • E

    Why are you all bashing the kids? They did not make the decision to dismiss early. You want to find the cause of this crap? Look in the mirror. It’s the current generation of adults that’s created this mess. I guarantee parents called in to complain about the “horrible conditions” and threatened everything from contacting board members to filing lawsuits if something wasn’t done.
    Kids don’t just become weak/entitled/spoiled/soft/self-centered/etc. They are taught what is acceptable and what should be expected and it is this generation of ADULTS that is responsible.

  • Marvin

    More government indoctrination to be lazy, and depend on government to meet your needs. Forget sweat and hard work and sacrifice. Success is only for those 1 percenters. Hillary will give you a cell phone and healthcare, and free college. God forbid you have to strive to achieve anything. Poor little muffies.

  • Marvin

    It’s a miracle the human race ever made it to 2016. I just can’t believe students in the 1800’s ever made it through school without air conditioning. These poor little muffies, so glad they were sent home instead of being tortured.

  • ray6770

    That’s why all of my doctors and lawyers and every other I do business with came from another country! But you don’t want immigrants to come into your country, YOU CAN’T EVEN WIPE YOUR OWN AZZEZ, If it wasnt for them this country with all of its IDIOTS would fall apart quickly! YOUR FUTURE IDIOTS !!!

    • Marvin

      My daughter has her masters in nursing, and is a CRNA. She is white, did not get anything from the United Negro College Fund. She worked through college and paid everything herself because I was just a hard working white man with no government help and I paid so many taxes to support the illegals and lazies that I could not afford to help her.

  • WTH

    Pretty sick of hearing all these low-life adults on here pissing and moaning on themselves because they have to work in less than optimal conditions. That’s your problem. Not the students problem. Especially the younger kids. I don’t think they should have to sit in a hot classroom when it’s in the 90’s without adequate cooling or ventilation. Are some of you THAT stupid that you are unaware or are some of you THAT low-life that you don’t care about some of the kids with health issues that can be exacerbated by heat like this?
    There are a lot of workplaces that do have air conditioning FYI. What makes you people think all these kids will end up where you are anyway?
    These kids are wimps because they’re not like any of you? Thank God they’re not! Your opinions are just that..opinions. Nothing more.

  • Unbelievable

    If it was 90 outside or -5 we still went to school. This is ridiculous. I feel bad for these kids when they enter the workforce or attend college because they will not be able to handle real life. What’s next, early dismissals when its raining because it’s wet? Smh

  • Peggy Wright

    Give me a break, they cannot go to school because it is too hot but they can go to the football field or track and run ….suck it up !!! They are making the kids of today such whimps !!!!

    • Times have changed

      Exactly! I doubt they complain about being outside in this heat playing sports. I bet the kids in the south are laughing their heads off.

  • Benjamin

    September: too hot
    October: leaves make the sidewalks too slippery
    November: gets really cold
    December: too much shopping to get done
    January: too cold
    February: too cold
    March: too cold / March Madness
    April: pollen !
    May: too humid and sticky
    June: too hot
    …………………………………….just cancel school already !

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