“So Many Homes Demolished”, Shickshinny Residents Remember Flood of 2011

SHICKSHINNY -- When you look at the shopping plaza on Main Street in Shickshinny, it may be hard to imagine that in September 2011, flood water rose to the brim of the buildings.

Days of rain devastated businesses and destroyed homes.

"It was terrible for the people- so many homes demolished," said Joyce Yohey of Shickshinny.

North Canal Street used to be lined with homes along the Susquehanna River, now there is nothing but green space.

It's one of several areas where entire rows of homes had to be knocked down.

"We lost so many buildings, it's unbelievable," Yohey added.

Although homes have been knocked down and lots have been leveled... For many who went through the 2011 flood it just does not feel like 5 years. Some are still picking up the pieces.

"It doesn't feel like 5 years, that we have been through five years already," said Doug Beach.

For Beach the flood feels like it happened just yesterday. Beach's home of 20 years on North Susquehanna Avenue in Shickshinny was one of those torn down after the flood. "The water was like two inches from the second floor."

Beach uses the land for storage now, but still hasn't been able to rebuild a new home for his family.

When he does though, it won't be in Shickshinny.

"It's not a matter of if it's going to flood but when. It could be ten years, it could be 20 years," Beach said of the area.

Beach plans to move up in the mountains and still hope for people here in Shickshinny, that another flood this devastating doesn't hit the area again.