Scranton Schools Dismiss Early Due To Heat

SCRANTON -- Another hot humid day means more schools dismissing early because of the heat.

Hundreds of students are starting their weekends early because it was so steamy in school.

Two school districts had early dismissals Friday morning because of the hot weather.

Officials at Tunkhannock Area and Scranton both decided it was too warm for the kids to stay in class.

Teachers at John Adams Elementary School in Scranton have bus duty down to a science. It's just a little unusual that students were being sent home at 11:30 a.m. But that's what happened after teachers and district administrators realized just how hot and humid it was inside all the schools. Even where there was air conditioning, the superintendent declared early dismissals across the district.

"I felt sick because the windows were broken and you couldn't open them; it was extremely hot," said one student.

In Scranton, the intermediate and high schools were released at 11 a.m., and the elementary schools were let out at 11:30 a.m. We spoke with parents who got the call Friday morning and while they're happy their kids are safe, they wish they had a little more notice.

"Yesterday was even hotter and I'm getting a call and yesterday was way worse than today," said Jamie Rasimovich.

"I was just here an hour ago, having a meeting with the principal and my one son's teacher, and none of it was said then. Just get home, it's too hot now, so turned around and came right back," Daniel Lenner said.

Lenner noticed the heat and humidity inside so he wasn't too surprised by the call. But to him, hopefully, this can be avoided in the future.

"I'd like more notice but I think they should have better accommodations for the kids. There aren't any fans in the windows here, let alone air conditioning."

The Scranton school superintendent tells Newswatch 16 the decision was made before 10 a.m. after noticing the heat and humidity inside many of the schools.

In the superintendent's eyes, the biggest difference between Thursday's heat and Friday's was that the school buildings never had a chance to cool down overnight and the humidity was almost unbearable.

Afternoon outdoor sports went on as scheduled.

See the full list of school closings and delays HERE.


  • Kevin

    Im not sure Whos to blame for the kids being sent home due to the heat or humidity but I think its crazy. I work out side in the heat,rain, cold, humidity, and everything else. They think being in a hot classroom is hot.. Get them all out here on the blacktopping crews or with the roofers. You want a paycheck….you learn to deal with the extreams of life. The kids today just want to play on their phones or computers. How many parents,teachers, or kids complained while sitting home with no AC or fans but spent hours on Facebook or whatever?! This world is in trouble as the younger generation take over.

  • Nate G

    What a bunch of wimps. I’m a 90s kid. I always had to deal with the heat. This past summer I was flagging up in Dickson City by Tony Damiano while they were putting in that pipeline. It was hot then too but I didn’t complain. Neither did my flaggers or the construction crew. It’s hot sure. GET OVER IT!

  • Joseph p

    Back in my day the weather wasn’t as hot and we had less kids in the class rooms. We didn’t have record high temps every ye. And I guess still don’t understand what a heat index chart looks like when you consider 90 degree with 76% humidity. We had as many windows as kids in the class. So yeah we are old group whiny people complaining about a bunch of children being allowed to go home early because we have nothing better to do but be miserable with each other. Boohoo lucky kids

  • Another political statement

    Funny how they didn’t dismiss them for the same conditions all summer long. Another these kids live in poorly insulated stick built homes

  • What are we teaching these kids?

    We went to school when it was 90 degrees outside and when it was below zero outside. There was no such thing as excessive heat dismissals or cancelations because it was too cold outside. These kids are going to get a rude awakening when real life hits them in the face. Are they going to call off work when they get older because it’s 90 outside?

  • MrsCroaker

    I’ll take live pansy kids over dead tough kids any day. You people have obviously never stepped foot in one of our local schools on a hot and humid day.

  • PoconoMom

    Seriously?? Where I went to school in NJ we had no air conditioning, the school still doesn’t and kids don’t get out till the end of June. Do the school realize that most people don’t have air conditioning? Open a window! All the kids down South are rolling around laughing. They even play football outside when it’s over 100 degrees with full gear on. You are creating a bunch of wimps that are not going to be able to deal with life!!

  • Sandi S.

    The new world of the overly coddled child is here wherein the children are kept in environments that seem to shelter them from experiencing life itself. Now it’s a world of politically correct school campuses and liberal teachers, where opting out on saying the Pledge of Allegiance is okay, opinions are stifled if they don’t coincide with the norm, trigger warnings and safe spaces are extoled by social justice warriors and the transformation is long underway to a scary place, indeed!

  • Paul

    I love how all of you are blaming the teachers!

    It reached 91 degrees inside the classroom at Tunkahanock School District….

    The day before, many children came home drenched and glistening with sweat….

    MANY calls were placed by the PARENTS! That it wasn’t right, there kids shouldn’t suffer in extreme heat in the classroom….

    So to please the PARENTS who called, they let the kids out early and ALL of you are blaming the teachers!

    Think for one minute before you insult! The teachers had no say or NOTHING to do with the kids getting out early….

    • Teachers First

      I agree they just want to get them through the system . Their is a few good teacher don’t get me wrong but your right no compassion anymore .

  • Rose Marie Mowery

    Too cold, Too hot. Are we producing a bunch of wimps these days??? Open a window, turn on a fan Whatever did we do years ago when there was no air conditioning? We went to school and learned. Sounds more like the teachers want an extended weekend.

    • Oh Boy!

      This is a way for the liberal/progressives to promote the foolish climate change. If people would get in school, and learn earth history, its a natural occurring event. We are in the changes again. When our government came up with “buying” carbon points to stop global warming it became an obvious scam.

  • It's going to be a long year

    It’s only 80 degrees outside are you kidding me !!!! It must be part of the teachers new contract .

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