Now Hiring: Jersey Shore to Hire Mayor, Council Member

JERSEY SHORE -- Jersey Shore borough is hiring. Earlier this month, a council member and the mayor of the borough resigned from their positions. Now the council has 30 days to fill their seats.

You won't find an extravagant office for the mayor inside the Jersey Shore Borough building.

"It's not a coat-and-tie position. It's not a mandatory day," said William Buttorff.

The job doesn't come with a big paycheck -- $1,300 a year. That's not why William Buttorff held the office for nearly two terms. He wanted to help his community.

"I enjoy the job that's the only regret is the fact that moving doesn't allow me to continue."

Earlier this month, Buttorff stepped down from his position. The former mayor decided to move back to his family's home outside of the borough after his mother passed away. He can't keep his job, because he no longer lives in the borough.

"Family comes first even though you have such a powerful position as mayor," said Bob Dietzel.

We told Bob Dietzel about the open mayor's seat. He didn’t seem interested.

"A hundred dollars for a meeting? I don't think I’ll apply,” said Dietzel.

Borough manager Joe Hamm tells us no one else has shown interest yet either.

"The add just went out this week so we do expect that as time passes we'll get some more letters," said Joseph Hamm.

The borough is looking to fill more than just one seat at the borough council table, now that the council member for the first ward has resigned. He has taken a job in South Carolina as a pastor where he will be closer to family.

"We have one letter of interest for the first ward council member," said Hamm.

"It has to be someone with a good people skills you have to have the right personality for that," said Dietzel.

The first ward council member gets a salary of about $1,200 a year. The borough office is accepting letters from residents who are 18 or older until later this month.

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