Wall Of Remembrance Comes To Jessup For 15th Anniversary Of 9/11

JESSUP -- A roaring motorcade of motorcycles rolled under an American flag held high by two ladder trucks along Route 247 and escorted in the Wall of Remembrance into Jessup Thursday afternoon.

The Wall of Remembrance is a 100-foot long display that documents acts of terror around the world since 1983.

“Give memoriam to the people who have died either in service to our country or those who were victims of our enemies,” said Richard Silva from Nicholson.

The Wall was made by the Rear Area Support Foundation, a non-profit support group for military veterans and first responders.

The group has taken it across the country to be displayed; now they`ve brought it to Jessup for the 15th anniversary of September 11.

“So many people gave so much, so many made the ultimate sacrifice and we need to remember that every single time and remember how important our military is, how much our military does for us,” said George Acquino from Blakely.

And while fallen heroes will be remembered, Jessup`s 9/11 reflection is personal.

The Wall will stay in Jessup through Sunday, the 11th.

That`s when the 9th Annual Sergeant Jan Argonish Motorcycle Ride will be held in the borough.

Argonish, who was from Jessup, was killed in Afghanistan in 2007 while serving in the National Guard. His name is among those listed on the Wall of Remembrance.

Argonish`s fiancée was pivotal in getting the Wall to the borough.

“Especially since we`re relocating the ride to Jan`s hometown and there`s so many individuals on the wall from our area, from the surrounding counties, I just think that it`s great that we have the opportunity to honor them here,” said fiancée Talia Walsh.

“Sergeant Jan Argonish, a personal friend of mine and someone I went to high school with and a brother-in-arms,” said David Ragan from Blakely. “To be able to recognize him and to have all the stuff here it`s truly, it`s emotional, it`s absolutely wonderful.”

Registration for the ride will be held at the Wall, starting at 8 a.m. Sunday.


  • Jay

    Why can’t we come together like we did on that day? Why does it take tragedy to make us realize we are all humans. Black/white/Hispanic doesn’t matter.. We all love our families and we all are looking for a good life… Still we overlook things like the incident in North Dakota taking place because we are not directly effected.. But we are..

    • you suck ll

      Don’t forget what? That our government was involved in a conspiracy that killed it’s own citizens only to justify a b.s. war far, far, away? Your kinda stupid huh? You must be a Jerseyite.

    • Laura Olisewski

      “snarf snarf. It’s been 15 years people. Can we please get over it? My gosh. Enough is enough. Move on!”

      Wow. What a repulsive and self-centered comment. If your family was directly affected by this, perhaps you would not be so calloused and disrespectful to the families that were. Those of us that honor and remember those who have given their lives in the fight for freedom, still haven’t moved on from the attack on Pearl Harbor…. let alone, the horror of September 11th.

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