Northwest Area Schools Dismiss Students Early Due To Heat

UNION TOWNSHIP -- It's not unheard of to dismiss students from school in the wintertime because of bad weather, but it happened on Thursday in the midst of this September heat in Luzerne County.

Northwest Area in the Shickshinny area sent the kids home, all while other districts sweat it out.

Even though a temperature board showed 82 degrees, school officials say it was much hotter inside the two-story building.

Principal Ryan Miner said, "It feels like mid-90s to probably 100, it's really hot upstairs and uncomfortable for both the teachers and the students."

But despite the heat, some school stuck it out. Lee Park Elementary School is one of three schools in the Hanover Area School District that does not have air conditioning, but school officials there say this was not that big deal.

"We`re coming in from August, and we`ve had a very very hot August, and most everyone is accustomed to the hot days," said superintendent Andrew Kuhl.

The humidity didn't stop students there from zipping around during recess, playing outside like it was just another day.

"They get excited about recess and they just want to play with their friends," said Kate Rinaldi, a teacher there.

But the heat is bothering students over at Wyoming Valley West High School in Plymouth, where they say the building`s air conditioning broke.

"I had a test and I couldn`t focus, I couldn`t even finish my test, it was just too hot in there to work," said one student.


  • mrsnshick

    Schools aren’t “teaching” kids to be pussy’s. They are looking out for the well being of our children. When I went to school, we did have HUGH windows that opened wide to let even a slight breeze in to give relief to a room full of sweaty kids. Thanks to the gun right people who refuse to allow the banning of assault rifles, schools no longer have windows that open of if they do open they cannot be opened more than 3″ lest a wacko use them to enter a school and mow down dozens of students and staff in 30 seconds. Coincidentally, the same day Northwest let out early for the heat, a girl in Texas went to school shot another girl then killed herself. The school officials have a tough choice. They can let kids keel over with heat exhaustion and be sued by the parents or send them home and be berated for keeping the student’s best interest in mind.When I went to school, parents didn’t sue the schools like they do now. And before someone gets off on the tangent of closing school due to snow or skin freezing temps, remember when YOU walked 10 miles to school you didn’t walk along highways with cars going 35 MPH or more without sidewalks or even shoulders of roads to avoid getting hit. Times have changed. Mayberry was a fictional town.

  • heatstroke sensitive

    It must have been a cool day when northwest beat lake lehman. You know where i’m going with this huh? BECAUSE IF IT WAS A HOT DAY, NORTHWEST WOULDN’T HAVE SHOWED UP. THEY WOULD HAVE HAD TO STAY HOME! Lol! Ha, ha, ha!

  • Pall Willeaux

    My pampered little Skylar is hot. The heat upsets his ADHD. Waaaaa. I’m calling the teacher to complain then my lawyer and then raising awareness that it’s hot in the Summer by whining on FB. Pffft. What lame times we live in.

  • Haha

    Haha this gets plastered all over the news but when A Northwest beats the AAA team Lake Lehman when they were predicted to lose by 14 points not a word from anybody.

  • Deb

    I accompany a special needs child to school. Believe me, it was extremely uncomfortable in the school building today. The only thing worse was the bus ride home in the afternoon!

    • good grief

      So what’s your point? You don’t think we had special needs kids? We all sucked it up. This isn’t nothing, wait until the first inch of snow this year. Schools will be shut down for days. Incredible!

    • DeeDee

      My school didn’t have air conditioning either, but we had several HUGH windows that opened wide to at least let some air in the building. Because of the wackos like the kid in Texas that shot another girl then killed herself the same day as NW let the kids out early because of heat, schools no longer have windows that open. Would you send your kid to a factory with 30 sweaty people in a room without air conditioning or the ability to open windows? Why not just let the kids sit in a closed up bus all day? Same thing!

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