In Two Luzerne County Villages, Water Is Now Safe To Drink

HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- Government officials say for years now, folks living in the Villages of Stockton Numbers 6 and 8 in Hazle Township have had unsafe water.

The public water system had contaminants like E. coli bacteria and other organisms.

After two years of planning and work, 43 village homes are now connected to the main water line of the Hazleton City Authority public water system.

"Oh, I think it's great. To be on city water, I really do,” said resident Mary Daubert, who recently moved to Stockton Village Number 8.

The two-mile line cost more than $2 million and was paid for with grant money.

Robert Visgaitis is a disabled veteran on a fixed income. According to Visgaitis, what wasn't paid for was the cost to bring the water line into his two Stockton Village properties.

For that, he had to borrow nearly $3,000, but he's glad to have it.

"The water is beautiful, I can't complain about that. Drinking it, cooking with it, bathing in it, the water is good, the quality is good.”

Others say they have been getting their water from wells for years and there's nothing wrong with it.

Still, many are pleased with the new water line.

"I thought it was great when we looked at the house and they said they were going to do the water lines. I was thrilled,” said resident Therese Leib.

Work on this project actually began in September of last year and last month, those old water lines were capped.

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