Chelsea Clinton Stumps for Her Mom In Scranton

SCRANTON -- The campaign trail made its way through Lackawanna County on Thursday.

This time, Chelsea Clinton came to drum up support for her mom, Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton.

Clinton met with campaign volunteers at the Hillary for President office on North Washington Avenue in Scranton. It was a short stay but Clinton made it clear that campaigners have work to do leading up to Election Day, which is now just two months away.

While it was no rally-sized crowd at the Clinton campaign office, about 100 people turned up to hear Chelsea Clinton stump for her mom.

"She's the most qualified person there is, and Trump just makes up things as he goes along. And his vulgarity, his narcissistic business, his bullying, it's pathetic!" said Paula Roos of Honesdale.

Donald Trump supporters turned out too. The owner of the Trump truck paid to park it across the street all day. Others stood for hours to protest the Clinton family.

"Chance to say something, to make some people realize that there are people that aren't fans of Hillary Clinton," said Bob Kuniegel of Spring Brook Township.

Chelsea Clinton spoke for about ten minutes to a group made up mostly of campaign volunteers. Longtime supporters came out too.

"You know, she's her daughter so you can expect her to be gung ho for her mom. But, I think that it's just another time for us go out and show support," said Florida resident Grace Messina.

"I'm going to be encouraging people to vote and try to persuade those that are on the fence," said David Fallk of Clarks Summit.

Then there was Phillip Powell. He came with a Bill Clinton baseball card, already signed by the former president and the presidential nominee. He was hoping Chelsea would sign it, and also help make up his mind on who to vote for.

"I was always a Democrat, but you know, I hear a lot of stuff going on. They're sending so much money out and taxes are going up here. And, it seems like nobody wants to do nothing," said Powell.

So, we took Powell's concerns to Clinton. What does she have to say to undecided voters?

"When the man that you interviewed looks at the difference between my mom and her opponent, looks at who has real policies, real proposals, a record of being able to get things done, that he will pull the lever for my mom come November 8," said Clinton.

Clinton did sign the baseball card. She is making campaign stops at offices like this one all over the northeast. This visit followed one in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on Wednesday.


  • Marvin

    “When the man that you interviewed looks at the difference between my mom and her opponent, looks at who has real policies, real proposals, a record of being able to get things done, that he will pull the lever for my mom come November 8,” said Clinton
    YEP, what an answer. We know your mommy’s record, and we aren’t as gullible as you think we are. If you want more TAXES, more illegals getting FREE benefits from hard working American’s taxes, more government REGULATIONS, more CORRUPTION, more of the SAME WASHINGTON CRAPOLA, and an IMMORAL supreme court justice, then go ahead and pull that lever for her mommy, but don’t whine and cry when you get more of the same and you can hardly make it. Of course if you are living off the government dime, then obviously you want Clinton.

  • magicmikexxsm

    So during that debate on NBC the other night, Hillary was blowing her horn about Libya. she stated and I quote “”No Americans go killed in the Libya operation….(eyes rolling) how conveniently she forgot that 4 American heroes died because of her actions..that was gaff #1, and then Hillary she would not put American boot on the ground again in Iraq….(eyes rolling) guess she forgot about the Americans that are already there, on the ground….lol, and the media made a big deal about Aleppo and Gary Johnson gaff..

    • burtfan16

      “Is Mike Hunt in the parking lot? Is Mike Hunt in the parking lot? Has anybody seen Mike Hunt?”
      Porky’s (1981)

  • Carpetbagger Alarm

    WOW a group of campaign volunteers made up the attendance of the way over blown guesstimate by WNEP of 100 people. They should of at least tried to attract more with free hot dogs. This was extremely embarrassing for the Clinton’s. carpetbagger

  • Dan Wesson NRA Proud

    You have to feel sorry for her. Would you want a mother like that ?. She probably told her daughter more lies in one week than my mother told me in my lifetime. You have to admit sillery is a pro.

  • nasca7

    After she comes here to try to convince us that she (and her mother) are “one of us” it’ll be right back to her $10 million dollar apartment which is New York City’s longest running a full city block from 26th to 27th Street off Madison Avenue.

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