Carbondale Police Arrest Man with Pot


CARBONDALE — Police in part of Lackawanna County say they busted a man with marijuana, cash, and guns in his home.

Police in Carbondale arrested Christopher Conner, 22.

According to authorities, Conner had two pounds of pot, three long guns, ammo, and $15,000 in his home.


  • Anonymous

    Other comments are uneducated and politically charged. I know him personally, he doesn’t work, sells weed for his money, and he doesn’t hunt, he just like having guns to feed his ego of being a drug kingpin. He’s brought hundreds of pounds of pot into carbondale since he started selling when he was 13! And he doesn’t only sell pot, that’s just his bread and butter. This was a long time coming. Thats why the news was there to record his arrest!

    • WPWW1488

      And you think just because your posting under anonymous means you posting this and no one will figure out who even wrote your status .. Maybe i should post ur name and age and details very easy.. But I’m not you , would kill myself first. before words came out of my mouth

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