Oppenheim, Samters Up For Sheriff’s Sale

SCRANTON -- Two iconic buildings in downtown Scranton are scheduled to be sold at an upcoming sheriff's sale leading to uncertainty and excitement for people who live and work near Lackawanna Avenue.

The two buildings are the Samters Building and the Oppenheim Building, both on Lackawanna Avenue.

The sign stuck to the window of the Oppenheim building on Lackawanna Avenue in Scranton drew confusion from tenants and passersby alike. It states the century-old building in downtown is scheduled for sheriff's sale next month.

Its owner -- Scranton Mall Associates -- owes more than $4 million for the Oppenheim and the Samters Building one block away.

Scranton Mall Associates sold the former Mall at Steamtown at auction last year. The group's more historically significant holdings on Lackawanna Avenue are now in foreclosure.

Erin Gibson's business on Penn Avenue is connected to the Samters Building which has been vacant for several years. She and other business owners along Lackawanna Avenue seemed encouraged by the upcoming sale.

"I think anything, especially now with the mall opening up here with the movie theater, anything would be positive," Gibson said.

"Blight is never a good thing, and if there's a possibility that we will have new ownership there, that would be a good thing," said Richard Mazza.

We reached out to Scranton Mall Associates for comment but have not heard back.

The sale of those two buildings does not have anything to do with the current owner of The Marketplace at Steamtown.

The Oppenheim and the Samters Buildings are scheduled for sheriff's sale on October 18.


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    You know it’s really amazing how capitalism works. You can default on a 4 million dollar loan and still get to keep all your other assets and money. Meanwhile, if you default on a student loan, they’ll chase you till your dead. This country is upside downu

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