New Private School Opens in the Poconos

JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- No textbooks, no rows of classroom seats, just open spaces and a hands-on way of learning.

It's the motto of Summit School of the Poconos, a new private school near Tannersville.

"We are fully licensed. We have a board of directors. We have an education committee. We have everything, just ready and waiting and ready to go," said Nicole Elwood, Director.

About 50 students from the Monroe County area will begin classes inside this building that sits on Trout Lake on Monday.

The curriculum combines certified teacher instruction with project-based learning.

Students kindergarten through eighth grade will focus on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

This year, the school has employed five teachers.

"Students have to be able to collaborate with people at different ages and they have to be able to look at problems and think why is that a problem? What can I do about that," said Katherine Hernandez, teacher and parent.

It's not only the teachers who are excited to get the ball rolling on this school year; the students are also excited too. Some are interested to see what is going to happen in this style classroom.

"It's like, we get to have more freedom and we get to control the school environment a bit more," said Jacob Hernandez, eighth grade student.

Tuition starts at $8,300 for the first child in the family and goes down after the second.

Directors tell Newswatch 16, there are plenty of ways to get financial help.

"We don't want to be a place of privilege. We feel very strongly about this. We want everyone to have access to us and that requires some work," said Elwood.

Administrators are already working towards expanding the school.

The hope is to add ninth through 12th grades over the next few years.

For more information on the private school, click here.