Update: Luzerne County Courthouse Will Be Closed Thursday After Water Line Break

WILKES-BARRE -- (Update) The Luzerne County Courthouse will be closed again on Thursday, September 8, but annex buildings will be open. Court filings can be done at the Brominski Building, Penn Place, and the courthouse annex buildings.

(Original story)

Luzerne County leaders say a four-inch water line break caused a big problem Wednesday in Luzerne County. Crews working on an improvement project at the courthouse in Wilkes-Barre hit the line and broke it.

“We had to shut down the building, evacuate everyone because there was no water,” said Ed O'Neil, director of Luzerne County operations.

The damage happened around 10 a.m. as crews were trying to make improvements to the courthouse parking lot.

“You don't expect it to happen, but there's a lot of unknowns, a lot of the networking. The infrastructure is very old,” O’Neil said.

Signs posted on the doors to the courthouse indicated it was closed, frustrating some people who took off work to take care of business in the courthouse.

“It's not good! Because I don't have time to come back so I have to wait until they let us in,” said one man, but he'll have to come back. The courthouse stayed closed all day.

“The courts will reschedule any court dates and we are still accepting all filings at the Penn Place building or the annex building,” said Luzerne County Manager David Pedri.

Also rescheduled is the completion of the renovations that were being made to the courthouse parking lot. It was supposed to be finished Friday, but the water main break and other delays are putting it back another week or two.