Couple Buys ‘Go Bags’ for Police in Williamsport

WILLIAMSPORT  -- The Williamsport Bureau of Police now has new and better first aid equipment readily available in case of an emergency and it's thanks to a concerned couple from Lycoming County.

They're called "go bags" and they were created just for that reason, so police officers will have first aid equipment and ammunition within reach where ever they go.

"It's filled with first aid supplies and extra ammunition they hope they never have to use," explained Williamsport Police Capt. Jody Miller. "If another officer gets shot, if a civilian gets shot, we have a tourniquet available right on top and another one inside."

Thanks to a recent donation, police in Williamsport are more prepared for an emergency situation, a situation such as the one in Dallas, Texas this past July.  A shooter killed several police officers.

"As things continue to progress in our country we see more and more instances occur where supplies like this are definitely needed," Capt. Miller added.

Deborah Kordecki and her husband Zdzislaw from the Cogan Station area reached out to the department after the shooting in Dallas.

"It's easy to buy them a cup of coffee or something like that. We wanted something that would impact the department for more than just a few minutes," Zdzislaw Kordecki said.

The couple both served in the military and have medical backgrounds. They decided to donate $2,000 so the bureau could buy the go bags.

"Wow! I'm really excited about it. I really hope it does what he hopes it will do," said Deborah Kordecki.

All 10 bags will stay in the patrol room so an officer can grab one for a shift or take one in case of an emergency.

"They will be able to start this treatment way before we are going to get in there to the patients. Them having this equipment is very vital and could definitely be lifesaving," said Tony Bixby of Susquehanna Health.

"With a little help, somebody else might get a little idea that they can do something simple, too. It didn't cost much; it's just something we can just give back," Deborah added.

Officers will have training on the new equipment before they expect to start using the go bags at the end of the week.

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