161st Bloomsburg Fair Almost Ready To Go

BLOOMSBURG -- Every year a few weeks before the vendors fill up the fairgrounds, the fair committee fills a room to announce the kickoff of the Bloomsburg Fair.

"It's a like a tradition I guess as far as I know. Bring everyone up to date about what's going on at the Bloomsburg Fair," said Paul Reichart.

Now in its 161st year, the fair has become a tradition for tens of thousands of people across the state.

"One of the complaints we were hearing was that people weren't coming because they said it was too expensive," said Jeff Turner.

This year, for the first time fairgoers can buy a weekly badge.  The card is scanned once per day, but if you leave you can come back.

"You can buy a packet of eight tickets for $48. That's the lowest we have so the $35 is cheaper than the eight for $48," said Turner.

One of the first things fairgoers will see once they walk through the gates is a construction project. The Amish will be raising a barn that has been in another part of the county for over 100 years.

The barn used to be outside Bloomsburg in Mount Pleasant Township. It's now been torn down and the lumber moved to the fairgrounds.  It will be re-raised during the fair and will display historic agricultural equipment and showcase living history crafters.

"We have people here who will be doing the weaving of chairs we have people doing quilting we've got people doing needlework and the list goes on and on," said David Millard.

The fair that's built on tradition also has a few new acts, including the Barnyard Cackle Review. It’s a puppet show with chickens that’s geared towards children.

The 161st Bloomsburg fair kicks off September 24 and runs through October 1.

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  • whatever831

    By far has always been and always will be my favorite fair. It is a little pricey, but it’s huge and has so many vendors. I swear I find something new every year. I can’t wait!!

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