Ryan Had The Keys To Victory For Coughlin At Tryba Tournament

The Tryba pre-season golf tournament for the Wyoming Valley Conference crowned a new champion Ryan Keyes from Wilkes-Barre Coughlin.

"Yes I played great! I was just hitting the ball better than I have all summer. It really came together putting wise, and I played good. Our team played good which I am proud of because we are young," said Ryan.

Power, patience and putting we're the keys during Ryan's round at Fox Hill Country Club.

"I would say that I am little short game specialist I would say. That is probably my strength. That's where I save a lot of my shots. I can hit the ball decently far. I hit it 275 yards, but my short game is probably my strong point," again said Ryan.

"How much time does he put in and working on that short game? I would say hours everyday in the summer. When he is close to the green he is up and down every time. You know he really never messes up around there and that saves him some strokes, and he is improving in all aspects and the short game you just talk to people and they just can't believe how well he is around the green," said Mike Galli.

Ryan joined some pretty elite company shooting that (-1) round of 70 at Fox Hill in the Tryba pre-season tournament. Only two other golfers in the 15 year history of the tournament have been under par in Brandon Matthews from Pittston Area and Mariano Medico from Holy Redeemer.

"That's just insane in my mind. They are some of the best players that have ever come out of here, and to be categorized with them it's just unreal almost," added Ryan.

As a junior Ryan tied for 2nd place last year in District II AAA, the success fizzled at regionals so Ryan is ready for a run to states his senior year. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Luzerne County.