Pocono Dome Closes, Up for Sale

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- An indoor sporting complex in the Poconos abruptly closed last week, leaving people wondering what happened.

A sign reading "temporarily closed," locked gates, and a "for sale" advertisement greet visitors to the place along Route 33 near Sciota.

The Pocono Dome, an indoor sporting complex, abruptly closed last week.

"Yeah, I'm curious," said Paul Bodogh. "I just thought it was temporarily closed like the sign said. I don't know why."

Bodogh lives right behind the dome. He noticed something was up when he saw cars pulling up and turning around at the locked gates.

"I haven't talked to the owners, but I know they did good business for a while. Seasonal, but I thought they were on vacation and I have no idea why they closed."

According to tax records, the owners of the Pocono Dome owed nearly $370,000 in property taxes. In May, Monroe County sold the Pocono Dome to Wayne Bank at a judicial sale.

There is a sign for Old Mill Pizza in front of the Pocono Dome. The owner of the pizza shop didn't want to talk on camera but did say he noticed orders stopped coming in from the dome over the summer. He's not the only one wondering what's going to happen next.

Rovito Brothers Martial Arts held classes inside the dome for the past two years. They found out last week that they were going to have to find another place to hold their lessons.

"It was a little bit startling at first," said Todd Rovito. "We had to scramble to find a place. The facility there is wonderful and beautiful and they were really great to us so it was a shock."

Calls to the former owners of Pocono Dome and the bank that bought it were not returned.

The realtor who is listing the property said it is on the market for $3.1 million.  Several people have contacted realtors to look at the Dome.

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