Old Williamsport City Hall Now a Hotel

WILLIAMSPORT -- You can now sleep over at city hall. The old city hall in Williamsport has been turned into a hotel with nearly a dozen rooms that depict different areas of the city's history.

This former city building is a lot homier than it used to be.

Susan Yeagle and her friends are looking to rent a room downtown. They took a peek inside the City Hall Grand Hotel. It opened last month.

Several years after buying the old city hall, the owners decided to renovate the third floor. It took just seven months to complete the project, but now folks from all over can come and visit.

"I liked all the rooms but the lumber room is the most awesome," said Yeagle.

There's also a Mark Twain room and a Houdini room.

"Across the hall, of course, you can't have a hotel without a Little League Baseball room," said Sandra Butters.

Each of the 11 rooms is designed with a piece of Williamsport's history in mind. A large portion of the furniture and fixtures were handcrafted for the hotel.

"We even exposed some hidden secrets and hidden windows and fun things like that," Butters added.

Sandra Butters owns the hotel with her husband. She has been restoring old photos that are hanging on the walls. She restored the photos with help from Hoyer's Photo Shop, a business in Williamsport.

"The James V. Brown Library actually gave me anywhere from 80 to like 100 pictures," said Butters.

"It kind of shows you what the city was like, and then bring it up for everyone to come and look at," said Rob Colley, Hoyer's Photo Shop.

Rooms are available now from $100 to $300 a night.

The owners of the hotel may add more rooms in the future. As for the rest of old city hall, the first two floors are still being rented to other tenants.

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