Inmate Wants Out of Jail In Luzerne County, In Part, For Gender Teasing

WILKES-BARRE -- Dakota Barnes of Hanover Township is locked up in Luzerne County, charged with prostitution. Barnes wants out of jail and has filed an application for bail reduction.

According to police, Barnes is in the process of changing sex from male to female.

Barnes is in the male housing unit of the Luzerne County Correctional Facility.

The deputy warden tells Newswatch 16 the prison has and is following its policy of putting Barnes there because Barnes is anatomically a male.

“It's called protective custody. There's no need to question that,” said one man who spoke to Newswatch 16 about the controversy. He agrees with the prison’s position.

Barnes' attorney is seeking a reduction of $10,000 straight cash bail calling it excessive and unconstitutional.

According to court papers, the prison medical staff is "failing to provide the defendant's prescribed hormone treatments,” and the "defendant feels unsafe in the male inmate housing due to derisive comments about her identity from both inmates and corrections officers.”

"Like if he wants to be a woman, he should be with the women, like if he's being teased or whatever. I just think he should be with the women,” said Kayona Stephens of Wilkes-Barre.

"I think he should probably be like segregated, but like have his own stuff, like have his own bathroom and everything, shower,” said Billy Williams of Wilkes-Barre.

Barnes was also arrested in July, charged with a string of car break-ins in Hanover Township.

If granted bail, Barnes' attorney says Barnes will show up in court as scheduled.

"He shouldn't have broken the law. Therefore he wouldn't be put in a predicament where he has to be judged on his gender or what his sexual preference, so throw his butt in isolation,” said one man from Wilkes-Barre.


  • Sad sister

    Idc who or what your are or who you want to be. You guys think bullying is funny? And not take threats seriously? And he deserves a bullet in his head? Wow you people make me sick this is what is wrong with our country. You think my sister wanted and liked to be bullied in school called names because she was different and I mean different by having good grades quite person kept to herself had dark long hair she didn’t belong in any clicks she was a loner . You think she liked getting notes threaten her saying she doesn’t belong in this school . And her clothes were not in style and she should just kill herself?
    She came home from school on a Monday night and finally told our parents everything that was happening at school they asked if she talked to a counselor or principle about it and she did. You know what they said to her ( and remind you she was only at that school for a month and half ) that maybe since she is having these problems she should be home school. The school never called my parents to tell them they talked to her. She was being outcast for nothing she was a normal person! So she went and took a walk after the talk with our parents. She called me crying that night said 2 boys and a girl from school jumped her the boys raped her! She told me she was near the school , She didn’t know who they were.I told her to call the police and she just hung up the phone I lived about 35 miles from them I got in my car and called my parents told them to go look for her she was by the school somewhere. I got the call the worse call form my mother sayung she found my sister she was crying my sister was dead she sliced her wrists with a peice of the bottle that they knocked her down with. She was a virgin . So go ahead laugh it up but when this person gets raped or killed or kill himself in jail because everyone didn’t take it to seriously well the blood is on your hands! I pray he does get bail! No one deserves to be raped or beaten!!

  • PublicNusiance

    Trans or not, Dakota Barnes is a dangerous person who likes to attack REAL women and defend it saying he is a girl. Um? He’s a 6′ tall bralic ham beast saying it’s okay for him to hit women because “he is one”
    Not to mention his history of theft. And prostitution, like it or not it is illegal. Also he lures men to meet with him, never disclosing he is a male.
    What I’m saying is he only acts like a female when he wants sympathy and pity and all that shit, but let someone piss him off and his gender shows. He’s better off in jail if he cannot conduct himself, and unfortunately I guess for him anatomically he is male so should be with the males. End of story.

  • Marie Stoves

    As long as he is anatomicallya male then he should be in the men’s prison. As for the hormones. As long as HE is paying for them and not the state let him take them. HOWEVER, the tax payers should NOT be paying for them nor should they be expected to pay for any related sex change type surgery.
    If he gets sick, treat him. Otherwise it is HIS bill. Nooney? Oh well. Too bad. And welfare money is taxpayer money so that shouldn’t be used either.
    And no special treatment either. General population same as anyone else who committed the same crimes.


    as always checking out the comments section on WNEP makes me feel better about myself and my own life, specifically my level of intelligence…. so thank you all for that… Dave & Terrance only ones here that made any sense and seem like half legitimate people, the rest of you need help.. specifically magicmike and ray, god help the both of you…. but this story is ridiculous, so if you feel threatened or bullied in prison that matters?? no one is making this man dress up like a girl and certainly he does not need to take the hormones for any actual medical purpose… tell Caitlyn to stop being such a little girl and man up and do his time like the man he was born as… makes me sick…

  • ray6770

    Oh, so this matters except for when it comes to the law/police in Pa., this state is more criminal and one sided than the Manson family, that I would trust more with my life than this criminal state! YES PA. IS DISGUSTING !!!

  • ray6770


  • OTR Driver

    If this was just a prostitution charge- I would say let him go. But the string of car break ins- he knew better. So — it is- what it is.

  • joe

    Why should he or anyone that chooses to mutilate their body expect me & other taxpayers to pay for it.
    Tell him AND his sh**house lawyer to take a hike.

    • magicmikexxsm

      Why is prostitution illegal in the first place?…………………..WHY NOT???????????????????
      They legalized killing unborn babies, so if I want to get my nut off with a good looking girl why not…legalize it and tax the hell out of it…

  • dave

    Do the crime…do the time. We also need to go back to Eastern State Penitentiary style prisons.
    Male organs = male, female organs = female, all other see a psychologist.
    No tax dollars for the criminal.

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