Gunfire Investigation in Tamaqua

TAMAQUA -- Some businesses in Tamaqua had to lock their doors Tuesday morning after shots were fired nearby.

Schools in the district were also put on lockdown.

Although the commotion lasted only about an hour, the trouble caught many by surprise and started a search for whoever fired the gun.

At 8:30 a.m. -- around the same time kids in the Tamaqua Area School District were heading to school -- there were gunshots just a few feet away from a bus stop.

"They could've shot at the buildings. I could've been shot in my sleep. You know, it's just scary, not safe," said Marino Santos.

"Officers responded. There was a crowd of people there. Everybody scattered right away. We secured the area," explained Tamaqua Police Chief Rick Weaver.

Police put schools in Tamaqua on lockdown while they searched for a gunman.

M&S Hardware is one of several businesses that was put on lockdown after shots were fired nearby.

"We kind of turned off the front lights in that area and had the cashiers stay near the back of the store," said Todd Miller.

In the nearly 25 years since Todd Miller has co-owned the hardware store on Broad Street, it's the first time he's had to shelter in place.

"An officer stuck his head in the door, and said it is OK to open up again. But I don't know what that means. Does it mean do we have the guy or does it mean this area is secure?"

The lockdown in Tamaqua area was lifted around 10 a.m. and the affected businesses were allowed to reopen.

Tamaqua police have not arrested anyone for the gunfire on Cherry Street. They believe the incident may have been drug-related and that the gunman did try to shoot at someone.

Police say those at the scene have not been cooperating with their investigation.


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