Drive-by Shooter Sentenced to up to 44 Years in Prison

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- Brandon Wilson was sentenced in Monroe County on Tuesday for a deadly drive-by shooting.

Wilson must spend 17 to 44 years in prison.

Wilson was convicted of third degree murder in June. He originally pleaded guilty to third degree murder but later withdrew that plea.

He was part of a group that shot up a mobile home near Stroudsburg two years ago looking for a man who ripped off Wilson's friend in a drug deal.

Darcey Kravchenko, 39, was shot and killed. Police said he was not the intended target and had no involvement in the dispute.

Kaylynn Bunnell and Jackie Harrigan were sentenced in June to 10 to 40 years in prison. In April, Bruce Murray was sentenced to 16 to 40 years in prison. The three pleaded guilty to third degree murder as accomplices.


  • john

    Now here 44 years makes sense. Poor guy wanted to kill a guy who owed him almost 35 dollars, and then shot and killed a different, random guy… Im sure after 44 years in prison he will have learned his lesson, corrected his ways, and mesh seamlessly back into our society as an active participating member

      • WTH

        oooops my bad not one but TWO white trash chicks! The father was innocent save he let his kids drink and smoke weed..and hang out with losers…

      • Me

        Yep. Racism is too blame for all the problems in the black community. Yep. Nothing else but racism is causing all these problems. Did you see Racism? Yes Sir, I did. It went left. Do you know what it was wearing? A flag sir! What did the flag say? Sir, it said BLM.

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