Trump Truck Vandalized

SCRANTON -- The Trump Truck owned by Scranton Business owner Bob Bolus could be seen from La Festa Italiana in Scranton this past weekend.

It was during that time the truck was vandalized in Lackawanna County.

Someone ripped a few of the Trump placards off of the truck.

Scranton police have a suspect, but haven't cited anyone after the vandalism.


  • right in the bolus!

    Im a trump supporter but not a bolus supporter. He’s done ALOT of people wrong. Glad to see his little sweety got the trailer there this time without getting it waffled on a bridge. Nice work honey!

  • a voter

    Those who suffer from “Entitlement Syndrome” strike again. Its welfare for those that confuse easy. White trash, Entitlement Syndrome. Pay for yourself and any illegitimate indigent you spawn. Don’t be a Republican Hypocrite. Be honest.


    Another bunch of buckteeth supporters who want our Second Amendment taken away. She is so stupid that she told the Black Community the white house was built by slaves. Well Clinton Guess What. Republican Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves And John Booth a democrat killed him. So with that being said we do not need gun control we need Clinton control. And by the way her daughter will be handing out free cell phones.

  • monica

    I thought the scranton sausagefest had the utmost night security. What happened my bearded friend? You made it on channel 16 news but you failed all of us Trump supporters. Was this vandalism Chelsea’s doing? “I never had mutual relations with that protestor.” “What is the definition of is, is?”

  • David Edwards

    people who would have crooked clinton are showing their up bringing If I don’t like that person . no one should see his signs .freedom in America is not a democratic thing Dictatorship I am 75 and have seen freedom be slowly taken and that person stealing Trumps sticker signs want to dictate to others , Don’t let it happen ,,…

  • ...

    That’s what liberals do, they’re the ones starting the fights and they’re the ones vandalizing property. Yet they’ll just blame Trump for inciting it instead of taking responsibility for their actions.

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