Smoke Pours from Scene of Fire in Scranton

SCRANTON -- A smoky fire was visible for miles Monday in Lackawanna County.

According to Scranton police, the fire was at Elite Motors on North Keyser Avenue and started around 6:30 p.m. on Monday.

Firefighters told Newswatch 16 multiple cars were on fire.

"I got here in the early part of the fire. It was going really strong. They did a fantastic job knocking it down. They knocked it down really quick. It could've been much more devastating than it was," said Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright.

Even though fire crews had the flames down in about an hour,  smoke could be seen drifting down the valley.

"Oh, it was terrible! It was black! And every time you heard this bang, bang!" said Mary Cox, a neighbor.

On Tuesday, Scranton police said the fire was intentionally set, and they are looking for information on who may have set the fire.

14206052_10207325678928299_7025097378837764740_o Fire Behind Ferris Pizza Keyser Ave Scranton Fire Behind Ferris Pizza Keyser Ave Scranton

A previous version of this story indicated that the fire was at a scrap yard on North Keyser Avenue.


  • wheres the justice

    He knows he owes so much money to people he hoping to collect insurance and a go fund me then claim he’s the victim. Ag needs to investigate keystone automotive sales across the street from these guys they are all criminals and nothing will happen to amyone.. Where’s the justice cusomers are being cheated and nothing is being done…..

  • I pay taxes too

    How come Mayor Courtright always and happily provides comment to the media on non-political matters, but when it comes to controversial political matters, we only hear crickets from his office??

  • Joseph A. Mecca

    I love how every few years somebody with a giant stack of used tires that they made people give money to “landfill,” goes up in smoke and the response from the “investigation” is always the same. Ahhhh, just some kids playing with fire. Tires caught and we couldn’t put it out until it was burned through. Once is a blip. Twice is a blip. Three is a pattern. I’ve heard this story every other year since the 70’s. You’d think the news and the cops would sleuth this one out by now. Unless their on the take that is.

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