Savoring Summer at the Wyoming County Fair

MESHOPPEN TOWNSHIP-- The sun was warm, the lemonade cool, and the rides refreshing,as folks enjoyed the final hours of the Wyoming County Fair.

In the cattle barn families began breaking down their displays, satisfied with a successful week, and looking forward to going home.

Michele Hirkey says at this moment every year she appreciates the time she just shared with her maturing family. Her daughter Abby is now a sophomore at Penn State Berks County.

Abby grew up showing cows at the Wyoming County Fair and as the cattle barn prepares to close for the season the college student savors every moment.

"My time is becoming less and less, but I'm enjoying every moment that I have still here. And hope next year I'll be able to come back." said Abby.

For Abby's mom, packing up the family display brings a mix of emotions.

"Do you say this the the last time I will see the kids this age at the fair?" Newswatch 16's Suzanne Goldklang asked Abby's mother Michele.

"Yes, I have been saying this every year, every year, oh it's going to be different next year, and it is but it's not a bad different it is a good different," said Michele Hirkey.

For Jocelyn Mass and her rabbit Lilly this fair was a success,  heading home satisfied after placing second.

"I'm happy it's over,because then my rabbits can go back to living with me, but I'm sad because I like being here," said Maas.

Fair officials say the 2016 will be remembered for the perfect weather, not too hot, and not too cold.

As the fair near Meshoppen comes to an end you can feel the seasons shift, while people enjoy the final hours of warm weather pleasures.

At Nativity Church's food stand the weather has helped make it a record breaking year. Their holushiki's sold out and the last batches of pierogies were quickly gobbled up.

"A little nostalgic because everyone's worked so hard, but it's been a beautiful week," said volunteer Kelly Romano.

For some the sky was the perfect place to soak in the sights. On the helicopter ride you could see the fairground glow in the setting sun.

Soon the green hills will begin showing fall colors, but for now it's time to enjoy one more summer night.