People Spend Labor Day Weekend on the Water

UPPER AUGUSTA TOWNSHIP -- Some people preferred to spend their Labor Day weekend in the water or on the water in boats. One spot on the water in Northumberland County was filled with boats, kayaks, and jet skis.

The Wagner family of Sunbury got a lesson in how to use a pontoon boat from the staff at Lake Augusta Outfitters near Sunbury. Almost a dozen people were spending their holiday on the boat soaking up the sun, and enjoying each other's company.

For some people, Labor Day weekend is the last big hurrah before summer is over. The weather was nice and a lot of people spent parts of their weekend on Lake Augusta at Shikellamy State Park.

"It's just the perfect day to be out and not looking at your computer, your smartphone, enjoy nature!" said Joe Mikulanis of Sunbury.

Lake Augusta Outfitters, a company that rents boats, was booked solid.

"All our pontoon boats and jet skis have been reserved for weeks."

Business was so busy this weekend at Lake Augusta Outfitters that they actually ran out of gasoline.

"This morning, they filled me up again. Special delivery on a holiday because we sold out," said Angela Troutman, Lake Augusta Outfitters.

Since it was such a busy weekend on the water, Joe Mikulanis of Sunbury went out on his kayak at a time when it wasn't as busy.

"A lot of boaters, so I just go out in the morning when there's less boats out and then I let them have their fun in the afternoon and then tomorrow I'm going out all day."

After Labor Day weekend, Lake Augusta Outfitters is open only on weekends through October, until the Fabridam is deflated.

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