Food, Fun, Politics at La Festa Italiana

SCRANTON -- As some folks enjoyed the  final days of food, culture, and fun at La Festa Italiana, others were on a different mission. Supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were trying to get people to register to vote.

"We're going to keep pushing and were going to get Donald Trump elected in Pennsylvania and it starts in Lackawanna County turning red," said Justin Severe, a Trump supporter.

Both parties had surveys for people to fill out with questions about  major issues.

Dan Kronick stopped by the Donald Trump booth and says  issues in this election could have a lasting impact in America.

"Job security and the economy, certainly terrorism and national security and the national defense. That's just scratching the surface," said Kronick.

After registering voters on Courthouse Square, Sarah Cruz headed back to Hillary Clinton's campaign office on North Washington Avenue.

"A lot of people not interested in the political process they have ever registered to vote somebody told me no matter who gets in its going to be the same thing," said Cruz.

Anthony Antidormi has issues with both Clinton and Trump policies and didn't plan to vote in November. A Clinton supporter convinced him that his vote matters not just for this election but in future elections.

"I'm 25 and I could've been registered for six years now eventually there will be someone I want to vote for so why not have it so when I do want to vote I can," said Antidormi.

The election is a little more than two months away. The deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania is October 11.


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