Motorcyclist Hits Deer Causing Deadly Chain-Reaction Crash

BUSHKILL TOWNSHIP -- Facebook posts showed an outpouring of grief and sorrow following a deadly double motorcycle crash.

State police say Sean Aris, 25, of Pocono Pines and Gregory Conroy, 25,  of Stroudsburg were both killed after that crash along Route 33 near Wind Gap in Northampton county just before 2 a.m. on Monday.

Troopers say one of the men hit a deer causing a chain-reaction collision involving both bikes. Both men died at the scene.

Northbound Route 33 was closed for hours. It reopened to traffic around 7:30 a.m.

Friends of Sean Aris have started a GoFundMe page to help his family with funeral costs.


  • Chuck

    There is a good population of deer in this area. There really isn’t anything they could have done. I wonder if they were riding side by side or in a line. It might have helped if they were side by side. Either way it is sad and people should refrain from making asinine comments.

  • Brenda K

    What a terrible tragedy. But preventable. How? By hunting deer to extinction. This isn’t the first time I heard about a motorcycle/deer collision. And every time the motorcyclist looses no matter how many helmets are worn. How much property damage do deer cause each year? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Not to mention loss of time and income as those who hit deer now have to take time off work to deal with the accident. Hunting them to extinction would have saved these lives and the lives of others. This is just too common in Pennsylvania.

    • oh dear, no deer?

      Didn’t Hitler try that with Jews? It didn’t work. Now THEY rule the world. Do you really want deer ruling the world? I don’t. They will be hunting us instead. And it wont be with a humane bullet, it will be death by antler gorging. Or worse yet, how about death by hoof? Not a pleasant thought huh? So please think before declaring an all out deer holocaust. Thankyou.

  • suicide machines

    Route 34 is a crazy highway during the day let alone at night. And then figure in motorcycles and deer. I don’t understand why people would do that to themselves when we are offered safer transportation such as cars and trucks.

    • Darren Treat

      Rather than downvote you, the reality is riding is ‘that good’.
      We all are going to die in the end. The length of that life doesn’t matter, it’s how much you enjoy it.
      You why one would risk their life, conjecture: Without the bike they are already lost their life. If you spend your entire life wanting to not die…you’ll eventually lose anyway.

    • Sam

      Don’t blame the motorcycles for high insurance, blame the ambulance chaser lawyers that advertise more than McDonalds and brag about how much they got the client.
      And we can blame the judges that let these chasers get away with hot drink lawsuits Etc.

      • Sam

        Looks lik I ticked off some ambulance chasers
        Makes me happy.

        Looks like they should ban hot coffee, along with the big trucks.
        And frivolous lawsuits like the one in New Jersey over the foot long hot dog, I want to file a suit against moon pies, they are not made from the moon.

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