‘All Home Days’ Tradition Continues Near Elysburg


RALPHO TOWNSHIP — Food, entertainment, games and more — All Home Days near Elysburg has a lot to offer. People have a good time at the three-day event, held at Ralpho Township Community Park.

“From what I see, the food and the entertainment and everything else, I think it’s very nice,” Mike Chyko said.

“It’s a nice thing to do, a nice day to be out,” Jim Beshore said.

All Home Days takes place over Labor Day Weekend, but it serves a special purpose. It started in 1919 as a way to welcome back the heroes of World War I.

“It still has a very strong military air about the place along with the carnival-type scenario it is now also,” Wayne Horne said.

Horne is one of the co-directors of All Home Days. He says it’s a tradition for people to come to this event.

“Come and eat and talk and see some of this youth entertainment and also some very good bigger time entertainment also,” Horne said.

Mike Chyko was here once before — 46 years ago!

“It’s changed quite a bit and I’ll tell you it seems like it’s quite a bit bigger,” Chyko said.

Flags represent the 2,500 or so victims of the Pearl Harbor attack.

The Field of Honor honors those who cannot be here to tell their stories.

“We tell their stories for them. It’s our duty as veterans to talk about them, not about us,” Marc Burlile said.

There was a ceremony for veterans at the end of All Home Days.