St. Teresa’s Scranton Connection

Besides her connection to Mahanoy City, Saint Teresa of Calcutta also has a history with the city of Scranton.

The University of Scranton in 1976 awarded her its very first La Storta medal for human service. 11 years later, the university brought her to Scranton and awarded her an honorary doctorate in in social science for her work with the poor.

At St. Peter’s Cathedral on Wyoming Avenue in Scranton, the church held its annual Mass in Italian on Sunday morning. Bishop Joseph Bambera honored the canonization of St. Teresa at the service.

"I think the most amazing thing about her is that we all knew she was a saint when she walked among us while working with the poor, and that's what we're all called to do and to be as followers of Jesus," Bishop Bambera said.

Bambera said the elevation of Mother Teresa to saint is a historic day for the Catholic Church.


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