Police Respond to 911 Hang-up Call, Discover ‘Marijuana Grow Operation’


SUGARLOAF TOWNSHIP — Police discovered marijuana plants growing at home in Luzerne County after someone called 911 and hung up.

According to police, officers were sent to a home in Sugarloaf Township around 8 p.m. on September 1 for a 911 hang-up call. While there, they discovered evidence that caused them to suspect marijuana was being grown.

When Sugarloaf Township police returned with a search warrant, they found 15 six-foot-tall marijuana plants, large amounts of marijuana, evidence of sales, and multiple guns.

Police have not released the name of the homeowner but said that person will face felony marijuana manufacturing charges.


  • just say no to booze

    Why is marijuana illegal anyways? Alcohol isn’t. Im more of a dumbazz when I drink compared to when I puff. I only drink cuz it’s legal. I can’t puff anymore due to employment drug testing. When i puff, I lay on the couch and peacefully watch tv. When I drink i become a raging nutjob that gets the urge to get behind the wheel.

  • Les

    Oh my. What a terrible tragedy.
    Must’ve took all sorts of law enforcement to take this thug down. Sarcasm, of course.


    It seems most drug “discoveries” are because cops stumble onto them. Actual busts are few and far between and take them months to investigate. Always fishing for the big catch!!

  • pa. border patrol

    Hey cops, make sure you weigh the dirt, roots and containers along with the marijuana before you release the “street value” to the public. This bust is almost laughable. Why don’t you cops go to Hazleton and pile up all the “illegal substances” in the front yard that are growing down there in the Spanish slumtown?

    • Sefswim

      Because they’re to scared to attack the real problems. You can buy this stuff in stores in other states and here they grandstand a pot bust as a felony. I was just in South Beach for vacation and people walk around smoking it and no problems. This truly is the keystone cops.

      • woosies

        Amen brother, you said that perfectly. Out keystone knucklehead need to grow a sack and go after the heroin and crack. Mainly in the scranton, wilkesbarre and hazleton ghettos. They are TOO scared.

  • Say no to drugs

    Why is it these cops can just go get a search warrant and take care of the problem but a big dealer they have to spend 2 months investigating first? It’s no wonder drugs are winning. The courts just let them loose right away anyhow, it’s a big joke!

  • jim

    jesus christ !! i feel so much safer now. these officers should all be given medals and a raise for making the world a safer place.

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